Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's a long drop...

See this beam...
The other day when I went upstairs, to the attic, to see what Dave was working on....this is what I saw.  He is walking on this beam
 to get to these pieces of OSB that he laid out for a platform...
 to climb up this ladder....
 to put these boards across the top of the attic/ceiling, which are for support...
 which a framer friend of ours said should have been done when the house was built.

 He uses the green tall ladder on the right to hold up the boards, while he screws them into the frame.  I wish I had not gone upstairs to see what he was up to.  It's a long drop.  I worry.


He then moves the pieces of osb to walk on, to get to his next destination.

 While I'm showing you things that should have been done....
 (As close as I can get, because I am not walking that plank!)  See those supports (pieces of wood slanting to the left attached to a beam that goes across the top of the attic ceiling)
 See them in this picture below?  No?  That's because there aren't any.  No all...on that side of the attic, above my kitchen.


 Did I mention it's a long drop?

Oh, and did you notice he is wearing, coat, hat, boots, gloves?  It's very cold in this part of the house.



  1. Oi! Not only no, but heck no!
    Hope you guys weathered the storm okay.

  2. We did fine through the storm. Thanks for asking.

  3. We did fine through the storm. Thanks for asking.

  4. Oh my goodness . . . I'm adding your husband to my prayers. that looks way too dangerous especially for him to me up there alone.