Monday, March 14, 2016

Kitchen TA DAH (except for countertops!)

Welcome to my kitchen!
It's kind of messy right now because I've been bringing stuff up from the basement, every day, whenever I have any spare time.  You will see some decorations here and there, but they aren't permanent.  Just playing around.

Some of the pictures are of when we first finished part of it, and haven't moved up yet.
This is what you see when you walk into the room.
(countertops are ordered by the way.  Quartz - concrete grey color)
Dave said if I went with laminate and didn't like it I could go with Quartz.
I said, how about I go with Quartz and I don't like it, switch to laminate!
Same money, right?
So, since the kitchen is finished, we are now living on the main level!

The pantry doors came unpainted, and unfinished. 
So I painted them and Dave added the hardware, the door casing, and hung them.  It was no easy task and I have two pantry's in this kitchen.    He kept putting the second pantry doors off....until there was almost nothing else to do!  Then, it ended up being so much easier than the first one he wondered why he put it off!
 Here is a look inside the pantry, before I filled it up too much.  They are both the same, shelves, baskets, etc.  You will notice an outlet.  We have a microwave and toaster in one pantry.  We had our kitchen set up that way in the basement and we loved it. 

 I love adding touches of color.
 Here you can see where I left room for the Hoosier Cabinet. 
Which is now being used as a coffee bar. I have cups, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. inside.

Not sure what I'll do with the shelf space yet. Possibly take one out and use it for cookbooks, or leave it as is....I'm putting things away and making changes as I go.
 You probably already know bar stools come in two different heights.  Bar height and counter height.  We needed counter height.  And when we picked up the stools, Dave would put one together in another room (yes, they came in a box, in pieces) and he would carry it to the bar.  As luck would have it, one of them was bar height, but he didn't realize it until it was all put together.  So the store we bought them at got free labor for one of their displays!

 I enjoy sitting here!
 The kitchen door is the same door as the pantry doors, only wider.  And yes, it came unfinished as well.  Dave had to cut it in half, which is a bit nerve-wracking, add the shelf (from old wood, which I love),
 and order the little latch thingy online.
I like the dutch door and I wanted it to keep animals out of the kitchen, but I could open the top to still feel apart of the rest of the house.  Only I just don't have the heart to keep this cute face out of the kitchen!  (the towel is down to help keep dust out from the unfinished floor.  Everything is always dusty during construction.)

 See, told ya I like to sit here.  I'm sitting here right now updating this blog!  I wanted you to see I also added a pie safe.  I like mixing the old with new.  I think old wood looks nice with white and helps coordinate the island counter top with the rest of the kitchen.

 I was cooking dinner, which is why the pots are out everywhere, but I wanted to show you the old shelves.  They are actually new shelves made out of old wood.  I have a vent, but it's just like a little bathroom vent, rather than a big range hood thing.  I asked around and I only know of one person that actually used hers.  The rest said they had them, but they either didn't work or they didn't use them.  Truth is, my whole life, I have NEVER had one.  So, we put a vent up over the door if I need one.
 Dave put this tv on the fridge today, just to get an idea if we were going to like it.  We have an outlet up there for a tv.  It came from the room downstairs.  I am not sure I want a tv in my kitchen.  I'd consider it if there was anything good on to watch!  My friend, Teresa, has one and she says she has it on to keep her company.  I enjoy books on tape, movies, and HGTV.  None of which I can get on this tv, so I don't know......
 Well there you have it.  My kitchen! 
  I L.O.V.E. it!