Monday, May 28, 2012

Dave has been working on the bathroom/laundry room in the basement for the last couple of weeks. Plumbing seems to be taking quite a long time. He has to think about the bathrooms upstairs, because the plumbing in those bathrooms and laundry room have to drain into the drains in the basement. It's quite the engineering job.

So he called me out there one evening to help him decide where we are going to put the toilet, vanity, tub, and shower in the upstairs bathroom. Who knows....I can't get past this bathroom in the basement! We talked it through, and figured things out. My goodness, who knew it would be like this.

These two pipes, above and below, had to hook up. He had a little bit of trouble with that, but it's done now.

Plus working above ductwork adds an extra challenge.

Also had to install a bathroom fan.

In the meantime, while I was in Italy, the concrete guy poured our patio! We went with terra cotta.

The color seemed a little bright at first.

But after it dried real well, and was sealed. I decided I like it.

Also had a piece of roofing fly off the house! He makes me nervous when he does stuff like this.