Tuesday, October 27, 2015

House Building Frustrations.....or So We Wait!

 Plumbing for tub in Master Bathroom is done and....
 Tub installed!
 Dave even took a bath!
Then he went to install the shower stall, and guess what...

 the drain hole is right over a floor joist.  Huge design flaw!
The stall cannot be moved as the only way to move it is in the same direction as the joist.  The joist cannot be cut and reinforced because it is enclosed in a basement ceiling, so it is not accessible.  We did find a drain that drains at a 45 degree angle, and it has to be ordered online.  So we wait.
 I am still trying to decide what to do about the kitchen.  Here are some design plans and the top one is the most recent.  Only I found out a couple of weeks ago, the fridge does not work where we planned on putting it all of this time.  So, that's on hold until I can either look at fridges or make another plan.  We are probably going to have to put it next to the dishwasher, which makes me lose counter space and top cabinet space.
So we wait.
 We are trying to decide which of these doors we want.
 to go between the den and the living/dining room (or great banquet hall)
We can't finish the trim until the door comes in.

 Only we found out that the opening we have is 48 inches and standard is 60 inches.  So, we have to special order whatever we decide.  So we wait.
 We did get the crown molding up in the den.

 And lastly, I ordered some windows three weeks ago because they went bad.  You can tell because they are double pane windows and they are foggy in between the panes.  Which means gas is leaking out.  Well, the replacement windows arrived yesterday and they are the wrong kind.   I re-ordered them.  So we wait....

And people wonder why this house isn't done!  Really?


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Laundry Room TA DAH!!!

The laundry room is now finished!
 That little cubby above is where the Dixie dog will stay when we are gone, rather than a crate.
 Washer and drier area
 One door leads into the foyer, the other door leads into the bathroom (which is where I am standing)
 I cannot begin to tell you how many decisions go into a room like this.  I just can't.  I'm just glad it's finished.  This flooring, which looks like tile, is called Luxury Vinyl Tile.  (LVT)  It is very waterproof.  As a matter of fact, some of the places we visited to look at flooring have a piece of it in water, or a faucet running on it, just to prove how waterproof it is.  We are putting this in our bathroom and mudroom/office area as well.
 This is where the washer and dryer will go.  I can go purchase them I suppose, but since I'm not living upstairs yet, I think I'll wait.
And I thought I'd show you I have a ceiling fan in the laundry room.  I hang clothes quite often to dry so the fan will help circulate the air.  You can see in the first picture I have a rod going across the slop sink area to hang clothes on. 

So that's it...another room finished!

Bathroom and den next!