Friday, April 8, 2016

Laying floor in Mudroom/Office

  I thought I'd show you a little bit about my part in laying hardwood floor.
 First of all, I dump the box out.  As you can see, the pieces come in all different lengths.
Now, see how the lengths of wood join together in the photo below.  You do not want those joints next to each other.  They always have to be staggered.  So what I do is measure how long the next piece of floor needs to be to fall a few inches short of the joint in the prior row, or a few inches past the joint in the prior row.  Make sense?  Probably not. (sigh)  You just cannot have the joints be in alignment or it won't look right. 
In this picture (below) you can see where the next piece of wood is going to go.  So I measure the length I need, then I go to the pile of wood pieces and find something that will work. And I always have to cut down the last piece in the row.  I do all of the sawing, and picking out wood pieces.  Dave stays on the floor and uses a special type of hardwood floor nail gun and nails each strip down.  It works out a whole lot easier when you have one person on the floor and another one up.  Otherwise, you wear yourself out quickly getting up and down with every piece.

 We try to buy products made in the USA, but it's not always possible.
When I have a few moments of spare time, I make little notes on the sub floor!

 Here is a picture of what we finished on Sunday.  The floor is completely finished in the mudroom/office area.
On Monday and Tuesday he installed the doors. 
That little nook is my office area. 
I finished painting all of the trim.  Hopefully I will be moving a desk into this area this weekend.  I will have a real office area!