Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bedroom and Closet TAA DAH!!!

I had no idea it has been almost two months since I've shown you what is going on with the house.  Summers are just extremely busy.  
And the blogs suffer.  

So, the guy on the left is my dad.  The guy on the right is the owner of the drywall company we hired.  And he is also a childhood friend, who grew up in the same neighborhood, who was on the Little League Baseball Team that won city Championship the year my Dad was manager of the team!  So, Dad came over and they took about two or three hours and caught up with each others lives. 

On with the house....
After all the painting was finished, Dave messed around with the kitchen pantries, putting up shelving and such, while we looked for flooring. 
I will show you the kitchen pantries later, since I have flooring pictures downloaded, I'm getting on with the floor show!
I can't tell you how long we looked for flooring.  We would bring pieces home and just couldn't decide.  Then, one evening we were at Menards looking at something else, and we saw this old-fashioned looking oak floor.  It looked just like the floor in our 1940's house we used to live in, that we loved.  We bought a pack, came home and laid a bit of it out to see if we would like it.  We loved it.

Very heavy carrying all of these boxes in the house.

And guess who learned how to help lay wood flooring?  Yep.  Me. 
Up and down and
 up and down
and that piece doesn't work
and that piece is bowed
and this piece is split....
and on...and on. 
Then I got a splinter or two and those really hurt.  But without too much complaining...
we figured out a rhythm to laying this flooring so we could work together!  I would lay out a few rows,

then he would come in and nail them down.   You have to use a special nailer tool
 and it has to be hooked up to a (loud noisey air maker thingy ---- I can't remember the name of it and i say it all the time - uuggghhhh....the later 50 years.....and words....or the lack frustrating....what is it called.....)
 When laying out the floor you have to be sure the ends don't match up with each other.  It would not look good if they did.  So I would have to measure what I needed, then go on a hunt for a piece that length.  You get several lengths in a box.

We got it laid in about a weeks time.

Then Dave set me up in the kitchen to paint the trim.  He would lay out what he needed every day and I would paint it in the evening.  It would dry over night.
We used the leftover pieces of the bedroom floor for the closet.

He decided to put his clothes in the closet.  No man should have this many shirts.  Really?

I refuse to put my clothes in the closet until I get moved up there.  AND I am only bringing the clothes I wear.  The rest I am getting rid of. is the bedroom.
We are not sleeping in it yet because the bathroom isn't finished.  I'm 57.  Dave is soon to be 58.  You get up at potty.  So, until I get a toilet, and heat, I am staying in my room in the basement.
But the closer we get to finishing this house, the more excited and anxious I am to get moved upstairs.

In the meantime, I have been working hard on kitchen plans.


PS - The word is air compressor.  I googled it.  (sigh)