Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Drywall, Priming, and Painting done! (almost)

It's been quite some time since I've posted on this house blog.
Not because we haven't been working, we have!  VERY hard.  
All of this drywall has been put on the walls!
We hired it done.

It only took them a week!

Check these guys out....

 Sure beats climbing up a ladder, then down the ladder, then moving the ladder, then up the ladder, then down the ladder, then moving the ladder....
 They left these here overnight and I wanted to try them....but I was afraid I'd hurt myself!

After the drywall guys finished, we went on a trip to St. Thomas for a wedding which I will post about on my other blog.  And when we returned, we started priming, and painting.

One day my friend Teresa and my cousin Gloria decided to come over and help!  Gloria got so full of drywall dust from scooting on the floor she went outside to shake it off before coming downstairs for lunch!  I really appreciated them helping.  We had a system down that day and we really got a lot of priming done.
Gloria came back on Thursday and we painted all day.  (we missed Teresa that day)
 There were a few times I did some painting on my own, which is no fun once you've had help. 
Dave and I painted/primed all day Saturday and on Sunday, Vickie and Robert came over and helped.  

Earlier that day Dave went after donuts, and I had texted him to get Vickie a donut on a stick. (her fave)  Well, he never got the text because he doesn't carry his phone with him.  So when she came over, he gave her a stick and told her to stick a donut on it if she wants a donut on a stick!
 Poor Robert....he is just so fun to bug.  I posted this pic on face book!
So here are a few pics of what we've done, or I should say Dave has done, since the painting is almost finished. (I still have the laundry room to paint)
Below is my kitchen.
 This light is in the entrance of our bedroom.
 We have matching ceiling fans in the bedroom, den, and living room.   He also got the sconce lights up and the windows trimmed out in the bedroom and den.
 And ta dah!!!  A closet that I cannot wait to use.


 This is the bedroom window ledge.  You can see I like to grow a lot of plants, and I don't like to kill them through the winter months so I bring them inside.  He made me a wide window ledge in the bedroom to put the plants on for the east morning sun.
 It's hard to see these lights, but they are stained glass sconce lights in the den.  He had them facing up at first because he didn't like seeing the light bulbs, but three of us ladies voted to turn them down. He put in different light bulbs, and agreed with us!
 And this peeps,  is my kitchen so far.....today......

I've been meeting with the kitchen guy again trying to make some decisions.  It's very hard to figure out what to do because on paper cabinets look way different than they do once they are installed.  And once they are installed it is way too late to make changes.  Same with flooring.  They give you a 5x6 piece of wood and expect you to make a decision on a room by looking at that little piece of floor! 
Anyway, it's moving along quite nicely now and I'm very excited.