Saturday, September 10, 2016

Clean up in the nature area!

Dave has been doing some 'clean up' gardening. 
I've showed you some of these pictures before of the tornado damage.
That pole WAS a bird feeder.  A very nice bird feeder btw.
One of the first things I did after the tornado was go look for my "bird girl!"  We moved her up here, from the basement patio, THE DAY BEFORE!!!! Actually, the NIGHT before.  Our neighbors stopped by the night before and the guys went and got the neighbors tractor and moved her up.  (any excuse to get out a tractor right?)

See that opening behind the pole in the picture below....
I still get choked up when I think about the damage that did NOT happen.
Robert (Vickie's husband) and My Shug cleaning up the mess. 

THIS (below) was the view outside my kitchen window last Saturday. 
 and now!
 This is the view outside my kitchen window!

Pretty Nice, Huh?