Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mud Room/Office TA DAH!

We finished the mudroom/office back in April.  

See the area on the right with the doors?  Well, in the original plan that was all supposed to be open.  We were only to have a closet at the very end.  But, there wasn't enough room in the chase to put all of the plumbing, heat runs, etc., so between the two closets on the right are what I call "Behind the Scenes" work.  Plumbing, Heat ducts, wiring, etc.  
We decided to have one closet with shelves.  Of course, it is not winter right now, so the boots, hats, scarves, gloves that belong in this closet are not in here.  They are still in the basement!  I'm sure come October-November, we will fill this up!
Dave has put a few work shirts in this closet temporarily.  He keeps his work clothes in the basement, and I gotta tell you, when we moved out of that basement, we MOVED OUT!  I do plan on making it cute again and using it for crafty fun or guests, but not until I have time to start on it and stick with it.
 I guess he's using this one too.  When winter comes his clothes get the boot!
 Of course, as you can see, after we laid the floor, we had to install all of those doors.

We took an afternoon/evening off awhile back and went shopping for office supplies.  This cute cupboard ended up being our filing cabinet.
 And file boxes fit in it perfectly.
This desk is kind of special.  Years ago, when we lived in town, we became very good friends with our elderly neighbor.  When she passed away, her children sold us her house, to fix up and sell.  
They left some things in the basement that they didn't want to mess with.  
This desk was one of those things. 
 it was painted and cruddy and I think the Pa in the family used it for a workbench when he was still alive.  
Dave was going to cut it up into pieces and burn it!!!!
  I wanted to keep it.  
It is SO HEAVY.  
It was not easy getting it out of the basement.  
But we managed.  
And it fits perfectly in this little office area I have now.  (smile)
(Thanks Jean)
 So the garage leads to the breezeway, which leads to the mudroom which is the door on the left of this picture.  You can barely see the bell hanging on it.  When I hear that bell, I know someone has walked into the house.

So here you go!  
Office Mudroom area
TA DAH!!!!!

Most people will never be in this room, because they will use the other entrance, rather than the garage entrance.