Monday, March 18, 2013

House in town

 I know I've been talking a lot, and for a long time, about getting the house in town ready to sell.  I know you probably wonder what we do there all the time.  Well here's the thing.  We have not worked in this house since we started building our house in the country 2 1/2 years ago.  Our time has been consumed with building our home, and there isn't enough time to take care of two houses.
 I thought I'd show you a bit of what we've been doing.  This room was full.  It's the living room and old dining room.  Now it's empty except for the little cabinet back there....
 I need it to stay because I need something to set stuff on.  Like cans of paint.  We've had a couple of realtors out and one asked me if I would paint this room a neutral color.  I said I'd think about it.  You know what.  I LOVE this house, but I am burnt out on it.  I'm tired of painting, cleaning, emptying.  And everything that gets emptied gets dumped off at our new house.  Dumped.  I need time to put stuff away.  But there isn't time to put stuff away because we have stuff to do at the house in town.  And I've already painted two bedrooms and a basement.
 I don't want to paint anymore.  I find it amazing that people have no vision.  They look at a room and think their furniture won't match the color on the walls.  Really?  I know.....I'm just tired.
This is a gas log fireplace that heats up the room really nicely.
 All of the doors are wooden and the doorknobs are glass.
 And If I paint this room I have to paint a couple of nooks, with doors, and lots of trimming. 

 If you go through this doorway, it leads to the hall which leads to this built-in closet.
It is now empty.  And guess what I found?  Sea glass I collected when my Sister and her husband got married at St. Thomas.  Love it.  I want to make a bracelet out of it someday.

 All of the floors in this house are hardwood, including the stairs and upstairs bedrooms. 
 Garden tub
 Glass block window

  replicas of antique fixtures
  Exposed brick chimney
 This room is also empty, except for this table.  We need the table to sit at when talking to realtors. 
 Expensive tile flooring.  Tile from Italy.

It takes time to paint, to clean, to empty.  It takes time to put stuff away.  Right now everything is a mess at our new place because 1) I've been working at the other house all the time and 2) I haven't had time to put things away.  They are stacking up.  It is driving me crazy. 

I also got the potting shed cleaned out and we basically dumped all of that into the garage at the new house.  I think we made 8 truckloads.  I know, it's a lot.  I have a lot of pots, and gardening stuff.  I do not need another thing.  I'll be going through that stuff getting rid of some of it.

I did have a huge indoor rummage sale last week.  It was a great sale and what didn't sale got packed up.  I'll be having another one soon. 

In the meantime....back to work.