Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hardwood flooring upstairs

It's been awhile since I've posted on this blog. 
in the proverbial sense....
whatever that means....
I don't talk that way....
who does?
DAVE...(not we)
has been laying hardwood flooring upstairs.
After he painted this stairwell...all by himself.
I won't even say how he did it.
Because I can't explain it, nor can I find any pictures that I took.
Which I know I did.
One thing I have been doing, is carrying flooring upstairs.
A little bit at a time.

It's heavy.
It's hard to tell because we have most of it covered,
but he has two bedrooms finished.


 and is working in this closet.

 I have been doing other things around the house.
I decided to do some bathroom decorating.
I  took this spaghetti jar
and painted the inside of it with Coral Belle paint.
(I still have half a gallon of this paint)
 I've had the jar of cotton for the last ten years, at least. I used it in the bathroom at the house in town, before it was popular (or not) to decorate with! I grew it and picked it myself, back when I was VERY into gardening.

 So this is the shelf by our bathtub.  
I still need something on the wall above, but it will come.
I think I'll go soak in the tub and enjoy my little bit of decorating....
as it's hard work carrying flooring upstairs.