Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Upstairs Bathroom

I'm finally finding time to do some of the things I want to do.  Such as download pictures and blog! The upstairs to our home is finished!

This is the upstairs bathroom.  And I have to say, I LOVE the upstairs of our house. 
Almost better than the main level!  Yikes!

So, this mirror was a mirror that a friend was going to get rid of in a sale and I either bought it off of her or traded her something, I forget.  Dave painted it white and roughed it up, and it fit perfectly.
The towel hooks...I brought those from our other house and I don't remember where I bought them.  Back in those days...probably a garage sale!
  The European sink vanity came from Menard's.  It's a small bathroom so it fit in perfectly.  Dave changed the knobs on it.  We have changed a lot of knobs in our house and those came from a store in Olney, Illinois called D. Lawless Hardware.  If you would like to change the look of dressers and cabinets, you need to shop at this place.  Click here to shop.  ( I don't get anything for recommending this place, they don't even know me! ) We've ordered from them several times and have been very pleased.

 I suppose I should have put the toilet lid down for the picture, but this is real life folks.  They are rarely down.  And I don't know why that laundry basket looks dirty in the picture.  It isn't.  I did buy it at a garage sale years ago.
 It's a small bathroom in between two bedrooms.  The window is dressed with plantation shutters from Lowe's.  Seriously, who talks like that?  I have never in my life talked about "dressed windows!"
 We have used these light fixtures, way before they were cool to use.  So it's old. I have always loved old light fixtures.  And we've bought a lot of them at garage sales or auctions.  We put this one over the shower.
Honestly, we have put secure towel bars in every bathroom for the last 20 years.  

 I LOVE this floor.  It's called Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and this is EXACTLY what I wanted for my kitchen.  We looked for it everywhere.  I have LVT in my kitchen but it isn't this scuffed up looking grey and white.  When we did our kitchen it was in ALL of the magazines, but we could not find it in our town or any town nearby.  So, by the time we did the upstairs bathroom, everyone had what I was looking for, so I used it.  The one great thing about LVT is it looks like wood, or tile, but it is waterproof.  There are two different kinds you can get.  One is a floating kind, which is what we have, and  you lay it around your tub or kitchen cabinets.  The glue down kind, which we have NEVER used, you can lay it all first, then put your cabinets on it. But you have to glue it down. So there is your LVT lesson.  I love it for kitchens and bathrooms.  We got ours at a local store in town called McCool's flooring.

We put a closet behind the door because we had the room.  Not sure that was in the original plan.  You can never have enough closet space.
 Dave made the shelves himself.  He has actually made all of the shelves in our closets and pantries.
 So that's it for the bathroom.  It's small and there really isn't anywhere you can stand and get the whole view.  You'll just have to stop by and see it!

Next up....upstairs bedrooms with the furniture in them.