Monday, March 26, 2012

Living area almost done.

Dave and I like old wood. The strong, sturdy stuff that was used a hundred years ago. There is a guy in town that is an excavator, and every now and then he would allow Dave to come into a house and tear out some wood before he tears it down. It's been a couple of years since he's done this, but we have saved it to use in our new home some day. This is one of three piles that we have.

These are the pantry doors. I showed these on the bee lady blog and explained that they were really a mistake, but because they were special ordered, we are using them anyway. They are new, and it's a prime example of what new stuff is like. They practically fell apart trying to put them up, and Dave was ready to sell it all! One of my blogger friends suggested painting the windows with flowers and such...which is not a bad idea! She always suggested putting material behind them, which we had already decided to do. But.....I do have some friends who know how to paint. I'm visualizing flowers, and bees, and birds and such....Great idea "Hookin' It with Mr. lick lick"

And these are the more-than-sturdy pantry shelves, made from old wood. Love them. Do you ever just run your hand along an old piece of wood, cloth, quilt, doorknob, (history) and wonder what stories they would tell if they could tell stories?

And this is what I walked into yesterday. Dave said he could use some help yesterday. He works out there every day after work, and lately has taken some time off of work to try to get some things done. I work out there whenever he needs my help. Yesterday was one of those days. We needed to clean this room up, and out.

So we both got to work.

Here is a picture of the closet. No doors yet.

Getting there. See that wall at the end of the room? He put that up on Saturday. Took all day. Made from old wood.

Winston doesn't understand why Dave's doing woman's work. I set them both straight right away!

Taa Daaaaa!

But then, we didn't wait long enough for it to completely dry because we had too much to do.'s looking good don't ya think?

I put polyurethane on the wood to seal it. Still needs another coat. This pic is before any of the wood was sealed. (I just accidentally deleted the pic showing you how it looks, post!) This wall is where the stove/oven kitchen cabinets and sink will go. So, those marks in the wood will be somewhat hidden. I love it.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lights, trim, and closets

Dave has finished hanging rods in the closet. There's actually a support in the center of the rods now, but I don't have a pic. You get the idea.

Trimming out the windows. He made the window sills very wide because he knows I like to set plants and such on the ledges.

And hanging lights.

This fan is in the center of the room.

There are two of these, on the walls in the bedroom area.

Ceiling fan on either end - one in the kitchen area - above....and the other one is in the bedroom area.

Here's a pic of the bedroom area lights.

This light is above the door when you walk in.

As you've probably noticed, I like older light fixtures. I pick them up at sales whenever I can and my Shug rewires them for me.