Saturday, December 8, 2012

Back at it...finishing the last room in the basement

I haven't posted in awhile because we haven't been doing much to the House on Hilltop Farm except stuffing it full from the other house.  I can't remember if I told you, but our theory was to live in one room in the basement and take everything else from the other house and put it upstairs in the new house.  Well....just how are we going to work on building upstairs if we have a bunch of stuff in our way?  So, we are still moving our stuff from the other house,

but we are trying to cram it all in the basement of our new house, except for the part we are living in.  It's not working out too well.  {sigh}
We do have one more room to finish in the basement, and we have finally started on it.  Thing is, it's not really a "room" per se'.  It's the area you walk into when you are walking down the stairs, from the upstairs.  It has a lot of doors that lead to all of the other rooms in the basement.

There was discussion between drywall or osb for the walls.  OSB won.

This corner above is going to get a closet.   For now it will hold Dave's work clothes, hunting clothes, work boots, etc.  Later...who knows.
Behind this door to the right is a pantry.  It held all of Dave's tools for working in the basement, but now that we're down to one room, and we need the space, he's cleaned it out and I'm using it for overflow.

So here we are folks....back at it!