Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Electrical, tub surround, and Man vs. yard tools!

 I haven't been blogging much lately, even though we have been working on the house, because seriously, how many pictures of wire can one person see?  
These plans make absolutely no sense to me...
all I know is when Dave says...where do you want outlets,
 I have to think through every little thing I might be doing, where I might put furniture,
 where a door might go, what way it swings open, where might I want a tv, a lamp, a table, a couch, a chair, a ceiling fan, an overhead light, do I want certain outlets switched (turn off and on with a switch) how many lights in a closet,
 do I want sconce lights, do I want a drywall, bead board, car get the idea.  Then he runs wire, and we change our minds!

 We've taken to drawing things on the floor, like which way the door will swing open, and where to put outlets and tv's and such, because after we discuss it for what seems like the tenth time, we can't remember what we decided!
 And because wiring and plumbing has to be run in the walls on the main level, to the upstairs bathroom and bedrooms, we had to go buy a tub and toilet for the upstairs bathroom.  So, the other day Dave was just going to stop and get a tub.  He didn't think I'd care what he came home with, since it was for upstairs but then I explained otherwise.
 The tub surround comes in three pieces, the tub is in one piece.  The boxes they came in were huge.  We decided to open the boxes, unpack the Styrofoam, and take the panels and tub out piece by piece, because we had to carry it all through the garage, the mudroom, the foyer, and up these stairs.  If we left it all in the box, I would never have been able to help carry it.  It was just too heavy.
We got the tub upstairs - no easy task.
 We also got the two panels up the stairs.  Then when we took this one out of the box
we noticed this crack.  Which will probably get worse with time, not to mention it wasn't cheap.  So, at 3:00 am this morning, when I looked over at Dave and asked him what he was thinking about, he said, "I'm wondering if we are going to have to carry all of those tub pieces back downstairs and pack them all back up, or if I can just return the one panel."  
I'm wondering.....
do they have quality control inspectors anymore?  This was KOHLER brand by the way.  You know what...I'm going to start saying it like it is.  I'm tired of these companies providing cheap crap at expensive prices.  Maybe someone from their company should have to come and pick it up!
OK, I'll get off that rant.  I have a funny story to tell you.  
When we were walking through the breezeway I commented, "that's dangerous."  It was a scythe on the floor, with the sharp part pointing up.  Then I commented on where my bike was and how I didn't appreciate it.  Well, it set Dave off!  And I started to yell back, but then I just didn't say a word.  He's tired.  He's working too much.  He knows it.  So I'm on one side of the door, that will not open all the way because of this mess (which the scythe was in)

.....and suddenly I hear....crash-clank-clank-blam-boom-psshhh-clank-clank....then the door opens, but not all the way.  These tools are behind a door.  The door quickly closes and I hear....clank-clank-crash-blam-bloom-clank-clank....again the door opens, but not all the way.  Peeps, I'm just standing there listening on the other side of the door while he fights yard tools.  After the third fight, he finally got the door to open wide enough.  And here's the thing.  He worked 10 1/2 hours yesterday, he was tired, and it's about 15 degrees up there.  So we are all bundled up in our winter coats, hats, and gloves trying to move the tub, only to find out after packing the last piece, it was broken.  But today, every time I think about all the noise coming from behind the door, I want to laugh!!!  And laugh!!!  And laugh!! I'm laughing about it now.  I wish I could have seen him!  I really think it would be something funny for a movie.  I'm visualizing arms flying and tools getting in a worse tangle.

Anyway, while he was at work today, I went upstairs and straightened it all up.  I'm not going to say anything.  I'll see if he notices.  (How many rakes and shovels does a two person household need anyway?)