Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Bay

 One time Dad told me he was going to come and live with us, then my Sister, then my Brother.  And during the time he lived with us, he was going to clean out our garages!
Well, I gave him the chance!
When we lived in town, I had the cutest potting shed and greenhouse.  Well, when we emptied it, we dumped it all in the garage.  And now that the pole barn is finished, and I have a bay, I'm filling it up with my gardening stuff.
The first trip from the garage to the pole barn, Dad sat on the tailgate.
He then told Mom to sit with him and she'd feel like a kid again.  It must have worked because they sat on the tailgate for every trip!
While I drove and tried to keep an eye on them!

This was all the stuff from my potting shed that we dumped in the garage.
 We cleaned it all out except for this pile of blankets on the floor that I need to wash...
and a few things on the table that Dave needs for house building.

Dave built me some more shelves today!

I can't wait to finish it and show you the inside.  I feel like I have way too many irons in the fire right now.
I've been cleaning out my craft room so I can find stuff in it this winter
I've been cleaning out the garage and moving stuff to the pole barn
I've cleaned out a big cupboard and put shelving in it's place for my clothes (in a back room in the house)
and I've been working on the camper.....
too much going on.
But I am going to be organized by golly!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pole Barn Part III

 I forgot to mention another little tidbit.  Before the guys came to pour the cement, we wrapped the entire inside perimeter with plastic.  This way when the cement splashed down, it wouldn't get all over the walls. 

 And what did get on the walls, the guys that were working on the floor, were nice enough to clean off the walls.  It wasn't much.

 After they put the finishing touches on the floor, it was time for Dave to hang the doors.
 He opened the first package, got the door hung, took the outer covering off of the door,
 and on the bottom panel was a dent!  In the door.  It's a small dent, but it is a NEW door dammittohell!!!

And actually, when he picked up the doors, it looked like one of the packages had been ran over.  So Dave had them sign a paper saying it was possibly damaged.  Guess what?  It was.
These are the rails the door raise up on.  They need to be straight.  It took a week and a half for the parts to arrive, but they replaced the damaged parts.

 When the doors were on, there was a slight gap in the top of the doors.  It had to do with the size of the opening being a tad too big,and the floor taking a dip by the edge, but Dave fixed it and it looks just fine.
  Dave also built these awesome shelves which will hold tubs and such, and are extra sturdy.
 And on the other side of that wall is MY bay!
 Which I will show you later!
 And this be about where I lost it.  The "boys" spent a few days playing around in the dirt, getting this all smoothed out.  They were also hauling dirt away from the front of the pole barn so we could have gravel brought in for the approach.   I don't have pictures, just a video, which I do not know how to upload.  But while Dave was on his tractor (not pictured) our neighbor was on his backhoe, loading dirt into a trailer, that was attached to Dave's tractor. Well, the trailer was too big for the tractor, and the tractor/trailer combo jacknifed....twice. 
 The trailer was pushing the tractor over on it's side, while my man was on it!  Our neighbor had to come with the backhoe and pull the trailer back.  It could have been deadly and I was on edge from this whole project taking too long as it was.  

But it is finished now and today, we are filling it up!  More pics later.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pole Barn Part II

I need to back up for a tiny bit.....BEFORE we even got the pole barn, we had to clear the spot where it was going to go.  As I told you, we changed our mind several times, but when we finally figured it out, it felt right. Clearing the spot was quite a feat.
It had to be dug out so many inches, then gravel had to be delivered, then it had to be leveled, and we can do that ourselves.

 And on the morning that they came to build the pole barn, it was VERY foggy out.  We've had quite a few foggy days.  I've heard that's an indication as to how much snow we are going to have.  Bummer.
After the outside was up, we had to get bids for the floor to be done.  The same company that puts up the poles and walls, do not do the floor.  After getting bids for cement, and picking a company to do the work, the cement trucks started rolling!

 That's our neighbor.  Dave asked him to keep an eye on things while he is at work.

 Oh my gosh...look how close that truck is to our new barn!


There were three trucks in all,

 and it took the guys two days to finish the cement part of the job.

I'm still trying to figure out why we paid them for sealing the floor!
 This is the job they did.

Oh well......I'm just going to take pictures of butterflies......
pretty little butterflies.....
 posing for the camera.....

playing in the mud......
mud that is all around the pole barn......
because this is what construction does to a yard.