Sunday, July 22, 2012

drywall and dirt

Ok so we got back from Kentucky, and Dave started putting screws in the drywall. Lots of 'em.

And we spent yesterday filling in nail holes, and taping the joints, and doing the same old drywall mudding that you gotta do to make your walls smooth.

But let's go back to the dirt situation, from the neighbor's pond, that I ended my last post with.

I am not going to say I was happy when I first saw this....

When I was told we were going to get the dirt, and it would be a good thing so we could raise the front yard to the level it is supposed to be, I was ok with it.

But I had no idea it was this much dirt! And when I first saw it I was snapping pics with my phone and sending them to Dave at work.....WTH!!!!

This is where the dump truck drove up into our yard. This is an easy fix.

But all this.....not so easy.

I'm pretending it isn't there for now.

Dave did have to fix the gutters right away though.

Since the yard level was raised, the gutters were too low, and the tube thing that the water would run through was buried.

And then there was the issue of tearing the osb off of the porch to fill underneath it with raise the level.

This was the area across from the bee yard. It had a huge slope to it and was very hard to mow.

But this is what the area looks like now! I'm thinking of moving my bees to it and we've decided to plant it in white clover.

We used to have a ladder leaning against the porch. We had to climb the ladder to get on the porch. Not anymore! Now we can just step up on the porch...

If it had a floor that we could step up on!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Insulation, drywall, dirt, and a craft room!

I've got a mess on my hands! In between hanging insulation and drywall, I've been trying to get some order to a craft room. I've collected crafty stuff for years, as you can tell.

And now that the insulation is finished...

we're hanging drywall.

And it's very close to being done.

The hanging part that is. We still have to do a lot of mudding and taping and sanding...UGH.

In the meantime, our neighbor is having a HUGE pond dug.

Guess where all the dirt is going?

Yup....our place.

More on that later.


Thursday, July 5, 2012


On Sunday and Monday, I hung insulation in the bath/laundry room in the basement. Why is it, that anytime I hang insulation, it is HOT out? When working with insulation you have to wear jeans, long sleeves, gloves and a mask. I took several breaks.
And speaking of breaks, I temporarily broke the stapler. I was fighting and fighting with it. After a couple of hours of it jamming constantly, I went and bought a new one. Dave fixed it, but he had to take the entire thing apart. Apparently it was some sort of jam.

Anyway, people think because it's a small room, it should be done quicker. Quite the opposite.

In a small room, especially a room that has duct work

and pex

and pipes and drains

and wires

you have to figure out how to fit it all in this small room. It would have been easier to have a big room. Then I had to figure out how to get insulation above and/or behind all this stuff. It was a long, hot, two days. I felt glass slivers in my skin even though I wore long sleeves. I'm glad it's over. So glad. The temps have gone up to 101 - 103 degrees outside. We don't have air conditioning in this room, but since it's in the basement, it's cooler than outside. It almost feels like air conditioning. Almost...