Sunday, January 13, 2013

The last 'room' in the basement...

 Here's the room Dave has been working on, building a closet in it for his work clothes, putting insulation and osb on the walls....

 Inside the closet while I was painting it (a couple of weeks ago)

 You can see the newly built closet in these pics...

 OSB on all of the walls...
 including up the stairs.
 A peek inside the closet.  Don't hate, those are all his clothes and shoes, except for one rod on the bottom left for my summer shirts.

 This picture gives you an idea of where we are working.  You can see the door to this room leads into our bathroom, and living area.
 And I've been using the pantry. 
 We both spent the last two days priming and painting this room.

 TA DAAA the painting is finished.
Next we need to put trim up around the door and along the floor.  It's a basement, it's not a room we'll ever really use, but I have some ideas of what I want to do with it once we get moved upstairs.  And guess what....when we get this done, and finish with the molding and trim on the stairs, we will be working upstairs!  I am SO excited.