Thursday, October 21, 2010

Upper Balcony and Mower - now

Another picture from the road. That's the upper balcony on the right side.
It looks like Dave is standing on the lower level, but he is really on the upper balcony.

He was up there. That's all temporary. There will be columns replacing the 2x4's and some kind of flooring besides osb. That upstairs balcony comes out of a bedroom. A spare bedroom! Not even our bedroom!

Sometimes I'm a bit indecisive about posting something on the house blog or the personal blog. I decided this is a house blog thing since the mower is for the land, not our house in town. Yesterday Dave and I went to an auction and we bid on this mower.
We got it!

How is he going to get it home?

Drive it, of course! While I drive the truck. This was hilarious folks...see him getting ready to start driving...I'm in the truck following behind, taking pics of course.

And sometimes I would just go on a different street through a neighborhood and wait for him to show up! Here he comes....

Leading the parade. I'm sure the people in the car behind were wondering what moron is driving a lawn mower through their neighborhood, and did he lose his license for drinking and driving! He's not a moron folks, he's my Shug!

Dixie gets to go bye-bye with us a lot.

He's wondering what kind of crazy family he's gotten himself into!

Driving by our local Country club through the park.
At this point he motioned for me to quit following him! So Dixie and I went on home and waited for him.

Here he comes!!

Yeeaaa! He made it home! Now, how are we going to get this to the land? Hmm, we'll worry about that next spring.

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