Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Main floor - framing walls - now

Dave has been studying and studying these prints. He's made a few changes and found a few mistakes, but nothing that couldn't be remedied. Sarah (our niece) felt he needed her help. She has no idea how tired and out of patience he is! He did good.

Our place is beginning to look like a lumber yard.

And I've been on the phone or e-mailing almost daily about deliveries of lumber, osb, whatever else they need.

and we've been picking up lumber, caulking, etc. in the evenings when they run short. This is the view of the side where the walk-out basement is. The front room is the TV room. The middle room with the big opening (which is for a window) is our bedroom. The window is not that big. Behind the bedroom is our closet. The laundry room is kind of small so I wanted the closet big enough to hold a fold down ironing board.

This rectangle will be my kitchen. It's big. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So does company, so we decided to make it a big part of our new home.
Another view. The bedroom is in the middle and the TV room is in front of the bedroom. There will be a screened in porch in front of the tv room so we can enjoy the view when we're not watching tv. There will be another room, larger, for company to enjoy the view and tv.

And the view.

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