Monday, October 4, 2010

Dirt/Basement framing/septic fingers-Now

Mom & Dad came out one day last week. I know she is thinking....

who is going to clean this mess up?

This is a huge pile of dirt in the front yard.

It looks like the basement is going to stick way up out of the ground.

I was very nervous about the way it was going to look from the street.

We just need to relax with it all. They fixed it. That's why they had those piles of dirt.
Basement framing

This will be a bathroom/laundry room.

I took this pic standing on top of the basement roof (or main floor) looking into the basement.
Those are the I-Joists they were carrying last week.

This is going to be my food pantry/root cellar.

Looking from the basement out through the I-Joists

Stairs from the basement to the main level.

This is part of the "fingers" to the septic system. There are five fingers, which takes up a lot of room and took out a lot of trees. Sad about the trees.

He stands on the finger to make sure it is solid on the ground, which has been leveled. Then he covers it with soil. You can only use this type of system if you have good elevation and very well drained soil. We're fortunate, in more ways than one.


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