Thursday, October 14, 2010

House tour, door - now

When I pulled in the driveway Tuesday, this is what I saw. He just walks around on the edge of the house like it's no big deal.

This is the back, or front, entrance. You pull in the drive, go up the hill, and drive around to this area. We are calling it the front or back, just entrance. So, that middle opening is the entrance door. To the left is the garage. To the right is the kitchen. That kitchen window hasn't been completely cut out yet. It's bigger.

This is the "door situation" I spoke of in my last post. See the smaller doorway that leads out onto the deck? See to the right of it? That is the entry way to the family room from the foyer. Well, when you open the door to the deck, it will show in the opening of the foyer. Hard to explain but it just won't look right. So, we need to downsize the door to the deck or downsize the entryway to the family room. If we downsize the door to the deck, it will be hard to get furniture through the doorway. I chose to downsize the entryway to the family room. It's five feet and I really wanted it four feet to begin with. The reason...I like being able to close off the kitchen or family room, for privacy. I have french doors leading from the kitchen to the foyer (got that idea from watching that movie It's Complicated with Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, and Meryl Streep - she had the coolest house and the movie was hilarious) Anyway, if I didn't like the french doors in the kitchen, then I could move them to the family room IF both openings were four feet. So, that took care of the door problem. And I'm rambling...but my point's always something...always. And I wouldn't have caught that until the door was installed and it was too late. But Dave is good when it comes to construction. He's caught a lot of stuff before it was too late to make changes. On with the tour...

Family room

See Mike up there....he just walks around up there like he's walking on the ground!

My kitchen window now that it's lowered... it looks low, but that is a few inches above counter top height. 43 inches from floor.

Another view from the driveway leading into the back yard


View from the street....the right side, you see it kind of sticking out, will have an upper level. It's a southern style house. I know I'm a yankee, but I like the south!

Boys will be boys...they are climbing around upstairs...

OK I had to get up there too.
I didn't go out there yesterday and I guess they are building the upper level. I'm anxious to see it.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask away?

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  1. looks like it is coming along . I think the surrounding scenery is beeeautiful. I am excited for you