Saturday, October 2, 2010

Basement walls, I-Joists - now

The basement is coming together just fine. See those 'boards' across the ceiling? You can see part of one in the right hand corner of the pic...I think those are called I-Joists. They're a bit heavier than 2x4's or 2x6's.

Well.....I've decided that Construction Workers

are just a different kind of person.

I don't mean this in a bad way....not at all.....

I have the utmost respect for them.

My Shug, he was a construction worker when we met. I think he's a bit sentimental watching all of this...and I've heard stories from him, such as changing the light bulb on the top of the Bank One building in downtown Indy. But that was before I knew him.

and I'm glad.... because this guy... walking across the basement walls like that? Carrying an I-Joist? I was a tad nervous. Let me just say I double checked with him to make sure I was clear on one thing. He carries insurance on himself, I carry it on the lumber and tools and such. OK - we're good.


  1. Wow things are certainly moving fast...thanks for visiting me today...I think I'll take your advice and plan to stitch my verse...

    Is that Mike Camp walking those planks? Have not seen him in ages. In my previous life(marriage) he was a family friend...does he still live over on Maple?

    Take care,,,relax, breathe,


  2. I am enjoying this blog very much! Can't believe how fast they are getting things done!
    Bet it is interesting watching your house go up!
    enjoy and keeping posting those pics

  3. Well I forgot to add my name to the post:::duh it is your cuzin gloria

  4. SHWEETT! That is awesome... and loved the balance arteest ever so carefully tip toeing across you new home!

  5. Hi Ronda - Be sure to show us that verse once you get it stitched. I was stitching for awhile there, then put it away to crochet. Lordy I need to stick with one thing until it's finished. And yup, that's Mike Camp.

    Gloria - Glad you have joined us! You'll be blogging before you know it. It's addicting. I'm glad you are enjoying the house pics. I am starting to get a little bit excited. This week should be interesting, watching the walls come up on the main level. Will you help me move? It'll be about a 100 times worse than helping Mom & Dad! I'm a 'craft hoarder'. A basement FULL of material/yarn/etc.

    TH - I asked the balance arteest to stop so I could take his pic. He started laughing and said, "no way, I can't stop." I think he was afraid if he actually thought about it, he'd lose his balance. We have been very impressed with the people that have been building our house.