Sunday, October 10, 2010

Small Problem with Foyer - now

The plan was to leave right after Dave got off of work on Wednesday, and head to Brown County, Indiana. (see that on my blog

This is our "get-together" room as my cousin calls it. Most people call it a family room.
Dave was waiting on me so we could discuss the problem.

See this's the back door (or front door-you'll see what I mean when it's finished and you come to pay me a visit!) Anyway, when you walk in to the back door, there is a small restroom to the right (left if you are looking at this pic, right if you are actually walking in the back door, and who doesn't have to potty the minute they walk in the house?) and a guest coat closet. The area when you walk in the door is a foyer, divided by an arched wall leading to a vestibule (whatever a vestibule is? I don't think I've ever had one!)

This is my kitchen doorway. I am standing in the foyer (would have been the vestibule) taking this picture. To the right is the guest closet and small bathroom. We could have moved my kitchen door to the left more, but then it'd run into my kitchen cabinets. Not good.

The problem is, the closet was running part way into the kitchen door and there was no room for an archway. So, we shortened the bathroom two feet (Dave's decision) and we got rid of the
archway (my decision).

Now it all fits. And when you walk in the back door, you have the restroom to your right, the coat closet to your right, and the kitchen doorway. No archway, no vestibule. Oh well....


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