Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bedroom upstairs

 So now I'm at the top of the stairs.  
 We have these corner protectors all over the house.  People seem to love them. 
 And this is the foyer.  I'm sure I got these lights at a garage sale somewhere.  They look like outdoor lights and I just love them in the foyer.  Makes me feel like I'm outside when I'm in!
I'm thinking about putting a little bookshelf here.
Its' funny how you have everything planned out in your head where you are going to put stuff, then it never looks as good when you actually do it!

Step into the back bedroom!

 Someone mentioned that they would put chandeliers up everywhere in the house.  I love chandys and would love the put them up, but we actually use the ceiling fans a lot.  We did a lot of practical and less maintenance type stuff on this house whenever possible.
  I thought I would stand in each corner of the room and take a picture, since I can't get the whole room in one picture.

 I think the bed will go between these two windows.
 That's it!  Back out to the foyer.
 Bathroom is next


Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Stairway to the 2nd level

I have to say, I think the upstairs is my favorite!
And it's FINISHED!!!
So let's start here....
at the bottom of the unfinished steps.
 And walk on up...
 But wait...
 check out
 these gorgeous steps!
 And these little hand rail brackets are were a special online order.
 And these lights remind me of old schoolhouse lights.
 They light the way up the stairs.
 And I think I'll stop here for the day.
I'm trying to do smaller posts.
Stay tuned for the're gonna love it!


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Painting and Flooring upstairs or Will I ever be done painting trim!

Time for a house update!
Past time, actually...
We are working on the upper level, which is just two bedrooms and a bath.
And for our purposes, I doubt it will be used much.
I started painting trim for the upstairs back in November.
The way we do it is like this.... 
Dave measures and cuts the pieces of trim he needs and lays out what will fit on the horses.
He also puts these little trim pieces on nails because they are easier to paint and dry like this.  I can get all sides without them sticking to the wood.  
This house has a lot of trim.  We have trim around all of the windows, doors, and crown molding.

And corners

As you can see in the background of these pictures, we have a bit of a mess.  There are a lot of materials and tools needed to build, and when you are working in two rooms, it gets a bit crowded with those materials and tools.  We've put cardboard down to protect the hardwood floors.  I'll do a proper TahDah post on the bedrooms when all of the stuff is out of those rooms.
We have lights and ceiling fans!
 I'm pretty sure I'm done painting trim.  And it's all hung.

We've also been busy with the bathroom.  
Looking for flooring took a little bit of time.
 When we first started building this house we looked for a flooring called Luxury Vinyl Tile.  It was a fairly new product and there wasn't a lot of choices in our town.  We discovered it from some friends who were building.  We put hardwood down in most of the house, but in the kitchen and bathrooms we wanted something that could withstand water and a lot of wear and tear.
 Now there are a LOT of choices!
 And of course the farmhouse look  is so popular right now.  I actually wanted a gray for my kitchen but at the time they didn't have it.  They do now.
 But we had to make sure what we bought for the bathroom was going to look ok next to the hardwood that it butts up against in the foyer.

Those were a couple of samples Dave brought home, but he wanted me to go to the store with him to make sure there wasn't something I liked better.

 LVT also comes in pieces that look like tile.  It's very versatile, VERY easy to clean, and wears well.  I could sell it!  (lol)

We have since finished the bathroom and in my next post I will show you all the details!