Friday, November 19, 2010

Store and Roof - now

So, I went to a rather large local building supply store tonight to pick up some lock sets. We were having them all keyed the same for our outside doors. The conversation went like this...

Me, "Hi, I'm here to pick up some lock sets."
Dude, "hmmmm, well I have no idea where those would be."
We have a stare down. Like I'm going to leave if he just looks at me long enough. I don't think so. I'm old enough to be his mother, I'm peri-menopausal, and even though I have no children of my own, I have mastered 'the look'. And the whole time I'm thinking...'why do boys grow sparse, scraggly, beards like that. Shave for crying out loud.'
There is a geek on the computer the entire time that only looked up once. If I had a gun in my hand, he wouldn't have known it.
Me, "well, you need to find them, we've paid for them, and we need them."
Dude walks away and returns empty handed. "I just don't know where they are...."
Geek, still on computer not looking up.
Me, doing the eye roll, "This is just why I do not like shopping here. We bought 7-8 doors here and door locks, we got a call they are done, and we need them. I have two kids getting off the bus in 20 minutes, so you need to find them now." I want to tell Geek man to get the hell off the computer, and help Dude find my lock sets. I am the customer after all.
Geek finally looks up.
I think they think I'm Cindy Crawford or something (see my 'other' blog) because they are just staring. Geek speaks. "who called you?"
"I have no idea what his name is. HetalkedlikethisrunninghiswordstogetherandIcouldhardlyunderstandathinghesaid."
Geek looks back down, Dude just stares.
Finally, when I kind of did the head nod eye bulge look, like you better get moving Dude...before I pinch someones head off...Geek man says, without looking up again I might add, "look in receiving."
There were seven of these in two boxes.

Dude stacked one box on top of the other
and plopped them in my arms. They were heavy.
And this folks, is why I go to small locally owned businesses whenever I can.
People care at small locally owned businesses.
I'm wondering if stores should go back to commission.
But the good news is...right before that, I was at our house and I saw a truck pull up.
Full of roofing shingles.
And these guys get on the roof. They walk around on the roof like mountain goats.

These leg kind of things pop out of the truck

This crane thing pops out of the top of the truck

And it starts lifting roofing shingles to the roof!

They plan on starting tomorrow! WOOHOO!
It was very cold and windy out by the way. I'm sure these poor guys were freezing.


  1. Yay for shingles!!!

    Sorry if I seemed out of it last night Bee, I was not feeling well, and it has carried over into today.

    You need to put those Christmas tree hats on your blog soon!!!

  2. Hurray::::::roof is coming on Isn't it awesome how some jobs are done???? & speaking of customer service! NO don't think I will since I had a good day:::does that say it all!!!!!

  3. You will be moving in soon. I picture you there by Spring. :)