Sunday, November 14, 2010

Roofs, roofers, R&R - now

So, I pretty much had a melt down last Sunday. I get that way when I'm frustrated, and I have too much on my plate. I'll discuss it on my other blog at some point, but right now, let's talk about a roof(er). We finally have a roofer that says he'll start on Friday.

Here's the story. First of all, we have talked to about 10-15 roofers. We only got three estimates back. Two of them were for a standing seam metal roof. One was $27,500 and the other $24,225. Yes we are talking 27 Thousand and 24 Thousand! We can not afford that. So, we've switched back to shingles. Which means we need to talk to different roofers. Most of which cannot start until January, or later. Our tar paper will not hold out that long. Probably won't hold out until the end of the month. But finally, someone came through. He could start right way. We really wanted to hire him, but then Dave and I had a "discussion" about insurance. The guy did not have insurance and I refused to hire someone without it. I called our insurance company. I was ready to buy the guy insurance just to get a roof. Couldn't do it. He has to buy his own workman's comp, but I could raise our liability. How much liability is enough if he falls off the roof? So we went with the guy that can start on Friday, that has insurance.

These are the shingles we picked out. But here's the other thing. This guy doesn't like the brand of shingles the other guy liked, which is what we picked out. So we had to pick out another brand of shingles...but they look the same, I guess. I never saw them.

In the meantime, Dave's been working on this area getting it ready for seed.

Our framer has been working after hours on some extra jobs for us. This is part of the basement that we will be living in. He been framing it so we can put up walls.

And we all had a bit of R&R today. Dave, feeding Noah and Allie. They are the geese that live on our pond year around. Allie has a broken wing and cannot fly. Noah stays with her. Just like in the movie The Notebook, where Noah stays in the nursing home with Allie. We love our geese.

Dixie napping on the way home.

And I opened a bottle of port that has been on my kitchen counter a little over a year.

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