Saturday, November 6, 2010

Felt Paper for the roof - now

Thank you for the offer Gloria, to have 'Dave' help 'Dave' roof. I'm really trying to keep him off of the roof if at all possible. You know how he's always getting hurt when he does stuff like that~

He did put "ice and snow" or "ice and water" paper or something like that on the roof in spots where snow might not melt so readily.

But see this view? It scares me to think about him on the roof. And guess what? I think it scares him too. Even one of the roofers told me it's daunting. Funny, the things you don't think about when you are in the architect's office!

We have called about 8-10 roofers. There are a couple that might be able to get to roof it in December, which isn't that far off.

In talking with roofers, we were told to have them put synthetic felt paper on the roof, rather than the usual 15 or 30 pound felt paper. Felt paper, or tar paper, is what you put on the roof to help keep the house dry until you can get the real roof on. Kind of like the Tyvek paper is for the house wrap, the tar/felt paper is for the roof. Synthetic is only a couple of years old, but it's suposed to hold up better. Well, someone was supposed to show up last Saturday and put the 30 pound felt paper on the roof. He didn't show. He was supposed to show Tuesday, he didn't show. He was supposed to show Friday, so I got up and ready early to get the synthetic paper purchased early, and get it there early, before he started on the roof. Guess what? He didn't show. Our framer told him if he doesn't show Saturday, just don't bother at all. It was kind of a blessing he didn't show though, because we would have had the 30 pound paper on there, and it might not be strong enough to last a couple of months, and the synthetic is supposed to last. So anyway,

this now has to be returned! And I'm learning a lot about roofs.

And isn't this the cutest detail above the garage? They are going to put it on the little gable roof hanging over our door (to the right) too. It's to help shed snow/water away from the entries. Cute!



  1. Wow,,its amazing how fast its going....sometimes you wonder how contractors remain contractors, lots of no shows out there. Its looking awesome!!:)

  2. Hey "Mrs. Knowledgeable" Isn't it unreal what you are learning? and things you could give a crap about?? (ehhehe)but need to know
    I understand what you are thinking about Dave being on top:::but then he is a guy!
    Really is looking good! All your work will be paid off in ten times fold when you move in!

  3. Hi Ronda,Queen, & Gloria,
    I think a lot of contractors are an independent lot of people. But so far, we have been really happy with the guys we hired. The basement guys and the framers did a very good job. Our framer worked all weekend to finish our place so he could start a new place tomorrow. I would be excited if I had time to think, but right now I'm so busy with running errands for everyone on the house and trying to get ready for a Harvest Celebration and get my bees ready for winter. I did feel a bit of excitement when I saw the windows. I'm getting ready to post that now, along with the tar paper drama. What fun that was.