Monday, November 8, 2010

Losing it! plus Windows and Doors - now

I have to say, in all of the books we've read on building a house, we haven't seen a chapter on "how to stay sane!" I thought yesterday was going to be the breaking point for us. Not with our marriage, but with the busy-ness and stress. It started Saturday. Dave worked this weekend and I was with my friend and cousin on Saturday. We decided to go to some craft shows and open houses. While we sat down to lunch, my phone rang. "Cindy, this is Mike, (Mike is the framer - I don't know the tar paper man's name so we'll call him TPM for tar paper man) TPM can't put the synthetic tar paper up because you need plastic caps, and the instructions say you can't staple it." Oh what should I do. Dave is at work, so I beeped him and he called me back. "Try to staple it anyway." OK " Called Mike back...have him try to staple it anyway." Riiinnngggg "Cindy, he can't staple it. He said it will leak and it's just not the way you put it up." Me, "well what if I go get the plastic caps." Mike, "TPM said it will take him a week to put the synthetic up and it will only take him about three hours to do the 30 pound." Me, "let me call Dave." I call Dave, Dave calls Mike, Mike calls me back, Dave calls me back. TPM put up the 30 pound paper and now I get to return the synthetic. Six rather large rolls of over $500 dollars worth of tar paper. That was a lunch hour that I spent on the phone the entire time. Sorry Vickie and Teresa.
Then yesterday I was trying to get my sugar patties made for my bees, I needed to go to the house site and pick up the tar paper so I could return it today, had lunch plans with family, needed to sweep the floor in the house because the leaves and sawdust are holding water, I have a harvest celebration for the Community Garden on Wednesday, that I am in charge of putting together, I have to get my bees ready for winter while it's warm out (the next three days), we needed to make a list of the lumber we are having returned, I needed to meet Dave to take some pics of small problems with the windows that we want fixed....and all I really want to do is craft! I was so inspired on Saturday. And Dave is going to try to take a couple of days off of work, or at least half days, because he needs to seal the garage floor while it's warm, and we need to get some stuff put away and ready for winter.
After lunch Sunday, my niece and I negotiated a deal. She'd help me for one dollar and five quarters (just think of the gumballs/toys in the machine at the grocery store with five quarters!) She's the least expensive help I've hired so far, and she did a good job! I gave her the job of moving the wood out of the house so I could sweep.

And you thought Tyvek was only used to wrap a house!

And, we have windows!!! and doors!!!

The kitchen windows

Downstairs is a tv/reading room, upstairs is a bedroom

family room

Walk out basement view

Inside family room looking out

Looking out the upstairs slider window in one of the bedrooms

Looking out the upstairs bedroom

When my niece saw the upstairs bedroom she said, "wow, my room has a balcony!" It's so funny, my nieces think they have a room in everyone's house. They did the same thing when my parents moved.
Gotta get busy


  1. breathe.....!! will look back and laugh at the day....looking awesome,,,doors and windows, wow,,character is really starting to show!!
    Maybe see you WEd.....

  2. I am in love that house... it will be sooo worth it... it is coming along sooo fast!

  3. breathe is right! Nice big deep breaths:::IT will all come together! Wow do the windows make a big difference! Things seem to be coming along so fast:::really they are
    I like "cheap" help:::they are the sweetest!

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