Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shingles - now

I have not been to our house site this week, but yesterday Dave took the camera with him, so he took these pictures for me.

See the roof. Looks pretty good right?
And remember that really high area I was concerned about?
Here they are, walking around like it's no big deal.

And see the off colored white streaks across the roof? That's the front of the house, by the way.

See them here, on the garage?

Nope...that's not camera shadows, or the sun playing tricks on our eyes. Those are shingles folks. Gaf ELK shingles. We have those same brand of shingles on our house that we live in now. We love them, we've never had a problem, and there was no discoloration like there is on our new house. I'll let you know what the rep says about it. He's on vacation this week. I'm going to be nice. I'm going to try to stay positive. I am not happy about it though.

1 comment:

  1. Anxiously waiting on the "white streak on shingles" report
    Sure hope it is something that will go away in matter of days and NOT be ripped off and redone! OHHHHHHH