Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dormer, Roof - now

Isn't this dormer the cutest ever!

It's false....nothing behind it or in it....

It just adds interest, and kind of balances out the roof line.

And makes us have nightmares for getting a roofer. We are having a hard time finding someone that can roof our house before February or March!!!! This is Indiana folks...we have bad weather coming soon. So, My husband is reading on metal roofs and thinking about doing it himself. Yikes.....


  1. Cindy:::Ralph's friend Dave could help him::::and he does not mind working in the cold weather. They are going to do Ralph's roof next week
    Have Dave call Ralph and speak to him about the other Dave!!

  2. I know it's kind of late, but I do hope you found someone that can roof your house before the bad weather came. With the weather condition in your place, I think you should have a regular roofing service company to keep in touch with.

  3. I wish you were all safe during the bad weather. Just a couple of tips on how to prepare your roof for the bad weather: 1) insulate your roof so it won't be vulnerable to leaks and molds and 2) clear the gutters and cover them up so it won't be clogged by leaves and debris.
    Chantay Smithingell @

  4. Hi, BeeLady! Try searching on the Net, for sure there are roofing services near you. It's important that you have a regular roofing service not only for bad weather, but for urgent or emergency roof services you might need. Also, having a regular roofing you know very well paves way to an easy communication between what you want and what your roof needs.

    → Elizabeth @