Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We're working in the basement...finally!

We are finally ready to start working in the basement. For those of you who are new to the house blog, we plan on living in one end of the basement by this summer, putting the house we live in up for sale, and live in the basement while we finish the upper part of our new house. So when we went in the basement, I saw this on the wall!
My Shug drew me a picture! Kind of scary huh? I look crazed...maybe that's me when this project is finished. And he is letting his sideburns grow out. Weird I know...He's living in the 70's....again....So, before I get started on the work we did in the basement, I forgot to mention in the last post that when the guys unloaded the siding, it was the WRONG siding! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I calmly asked our framer, Mike. Nope, not kidding...unless they changed the box. GAAAHHHH.....I called Dave and asked him to call them up. They brought the correct siding out for us, and took the wrong siding back.

So, my Shug worked on the wiring in one of the storage rooms in the basement all last week. By Sunday, it was ready to insulate.

He set up an area for me to cut insulation, shows me how to cut it, and I get busy.
Easy peasy...I just pretended like I was working at our local fabric store, cutting bolts of material, only I was nicer :-)
When working with insulation, there are slivers of glass floating everywhere, hence fiberglass. We both had masks on, I had gloves and a suit on since I was flipping the fiberglass all over the place, but I couldn't wear glasses because they steam up with the mask on. I gotta figure something out to put glasses on. My eyes were itchy that night and the next day.

And I ended up putting that stringy hair in a pony tail holder.
And while I cut and cut and cut insulation...
Dave hung it up.

And when he got to his special drawing, he started to hang insulation right over it without even seeing my response.....{sigh} MEN!
He did the high parts

and I did the low parts, because his back was hurting.
We got the insulation done on Sunday, working together, with no arguments! Only 12 more rooms to go....


  1. Wow your the man. Not, your the WomAn! Your quite a helper!

  2. You both are adorable... with your love notes... I'm waiting for one of you to carve your initials in one of those gorgeous trees with a heart around it like on Little House on the Prairie! LOVE IT!!!