Sunday, March 20, 2011

Painting Garage

I've neglected posting because since the weather has been nice, and warm enough to paint, I have been busy working on the house. And I just realized when I sat down to post, that I only took pictures of what I've been doing, not Dave! He's been working in the basement, on electrical and enclosing our storage room. I've barely been in the basement. I'll try to get down there today, so here is what I've been doing...
First, this is a reminder of how big this garage is...
And O.S.B., some people call chipboard, is a pain to paint.

And trimming around stuff hanging from the ceiling that you can barely reach, even when you are on scaffolding takes a very looonnngggg time.

But on Tuesday, March 15, I started priming the ceiling. Since we are painting the ceiling white, we had to prime it first. While I stood on scaffolding that day, my Pa would push me around.

It took all day and I only got half of the ceiling primed.

On Wednesday we decided to paint one wall. I wanted to make sure the primer was very dry, so I was giving the ceiling an extra day to dry. It's still cold in the evening and at night and I wasn't sure how long it would take to dry in cooler weather.

I trimmed

while Pa rolled.

One wall took allllll day. Did I mention OSB is a pain to paint?

We took Thursday off. I had plans, it was St. Patty's Day, it was supposed to be in the 70's (it got up to 73) and Pa wanted to go fishing, but it was too windy.

Friday, I got back on the scaffolding and started painting the ceiling...

while Pa pushed me around...again.

I told him not to make such a goofy face, that this was going on my blog, but he didn't care.
This time, while I painted the ceiling, he also rolled paint on another wall.
I learned some stuff on Friday about painting. It's very difficult to see white on white, especially when you are up against it. If you get on the floor and look up, you can see it better. And when it starts drying you have about 15 different shades of white going on at the same time. So it's hard to see where you painted and if you missed a spot until it's completely dry. I also learned that those rollers with the 3/4 inch nap get VERY heavy when you have to hold it above your head.
While we were painting, Mike and Chuck were putting on the siding. Dave hired them to do the high, hard to reach places. They started a few weeks ago, but had to stop and come back to it, because of the weather. As you recall a few weeks ago they were putting the siding up in a mud bog.

Friday they were working on the gables(?) Is that what they're called? The apex above the garage and the door. I didn't get a picture of inside the apex, it's very cute. It's lined with bead board type siding. I'll try to remember to get a pic.

So, yesterday was Saturday, the 19th, which will catch me up for the week. You know how you are having one of those days. Everything you pick up you drop, the house you live in is driving you crazy because it needs cleaned, but you've been gone all week, and you're get the idea. Twas not a good day. And Dave is working the weekend, so he's tired. And I'm tired from working harder than I usually work (blushing-but it's true) so we should have taken the day off. But we decided that I would paint and he would work on some electrical stuff while I was on the scaffolding, then he'd push me.
But when we got to the house, we found that the walkout basement area was dry enough to pull the truck up to the door. This is an old picture but it gives you an idea of what I'm talking about. This is the walkout basement area, where we plan on living until we get the rest of the house done.

And if you are going to carry 25 sheets of O.S.B. and 4 doors in the house, and they belong in the basement, it's a lot easier to pull up to this door, rather than carry them through the house and down the stairs. So we changed our plans for the day. This area has been too muddy to haul in supplies. What we didn't plan on was this...
Dave was parked behind the garage (this picture gives you an idea - only he had his truck turned around and the tailgate was down) We were heading to the store to pick up the O.S.B.

and when he backed up, he was moving a bit quick so I yelled, "DON'T HIT MY CAR"
at the same time we heard the crunch.

I know it doesn't look like a big deal, but it is. This is an expensive car, to us anyway, and we've kept it like brand new, and it busted the grill as well as the light. That grill is going to be expensive. It's big.
But we picked up 25 sheets of O.S.B. and carried them in.

Then we went back and got four doors and carried them in.

You can never get everything in one trip because it won't fit in the truck bed.

Then we decided to plant some trees that were given to us by some friends. They were sprouting, they needed planted, and it just helped our attitudes.

We both love to garden. And maybe the big moon would give them a boost!
And we called it a night....Did you see the moon last night?

I hope so. It was the closest to the earth that it will be in our lifetime. Twas HUGE.
P.S. - The one great thing about yesterday...I felt good. For those of you who follow my other blog, you know I got pneumonia and pleurisy in February. I have not felt 'normal' since then. Well, yesterday was my first 'normal' day. Thank you God. It's been two months!


  1. I bet your sore. I hit my husbands car one time while i was hurrying to do a favor for someone.
    Cindy Bee....That garage is tall....what will you be putting in that skyscraper?

  2. RJ - I am sore. I need a massage. You know...when you PLAN a house on paper, it's so different than when it's built. We had no idea what we were doing. And when we saw the garage, we tried to change the ceiling so it wouldn't be so tall, but we were too late. The trusses had already been made. Live and learn.

    (BTW I sent you an e-mail)

    Cindy Bee

  3. You have been really busy!
    I know what you mean about a second coat of white on a ceiling! We used the ceiling paint that starts out purple and then turns white as it dries... but I still missed spots. Luckily, we painted sheetrock, not OSB!
    Awww, poor car!