Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Sweet huh?

I did this...it's how I'm going to empty the paint roller from now on. Leavin' my Shug big ole' hearts.

Ok - Help us decide. This is the trim for the garage. This is the skinny trim...

This is the wider trim.

They both look pretty good. Which do you think looks better?

We seem to keep having problems and I have not told you about all of them. Here's one. Dave had this all up and wired about three weeks ago. Well, part of the panel didn't work. So, instead of unwiring it and taking it back to the store, I called the company. The guy was very nice, said he'd ship the panel two day air so we'd get it quickly. He also said he'd e-mail me verifying what he said. After a week went by, I e-mailed him. The panel had not been shipped. After another week, I e-mailed him again. About two hours later I get an "out of office" automatic response. So Dave said he'd give it a day or two and then take it back down and take it back to the store. Last Thursday, while I was gone for the day, he took it down. When I got home, of course, the panel was on our front step. I immediately called Dave and told him not to take it down. He, of course, had just taken it down about an hour before my call.

So now he is putting it back together. AND yesterday, the company came out to dig for our permanent electricity and I got a phone call saying they hit a water line! What? How can they hit a water line when we do not have water yet? The man said, "well, they did and water is going everywhere." Geeesh. So, I called Dave at work, he took off of work immediately and headed for the house. Apparently there was a water line from the flowing well
to the OLD house that was there previous to us buying this property.
So now, Dave has to finish the wiring, cap off the water line, and fix the drainage tile that was installed last summer because they also ran over it and smashed it.

We have a mess.

Dave, trying to open drainage tile.

Stressed & Depressed!
I think we are giving up on the May 1 deadline to move into the basement.


  1. I like the skinny better!
    Hope everything starts going a little smoother for you!!

  2. Uh oh, I like the larger trim better!

    Oh, what a mess!

    I bet you can make the deadline - you still have all of April. Hmmm, maybe we can have a contest - you shoot for being in your basement by the 1st and we'll see if we can make it in our house by the 1st!

  3. Well, I think the smaller trim won. I let him choose since it is his garage, and the last time I was in the garage I saw small trim on the floor.

    Dreaming - We can't seem to get anywhere with this crazy weather we are having. I haven't even painted the other side of the garage yet because it went back down to 30 degrees. We're supposed to get snow tonight! Luckily Dave got the water problem fixed.

    Cindy Bee

  4. ohh gads what a time you guys are having! I know what you are saying about COLORS. Those days are big headaches when trying to decide which shade of green or blue one wants!
    BTW:::I liked the larger trim but what ever he likes since he will spends most of the time in garage!
    I thought the company was to double check before digging for other lines around?????