Monday, February 21, 2011

Siding and mud!

The only thing left to do in the garage, besides paint, is fix this door. It is way too tight.
Last week I mentioned a painting party. Lucky for all of you it didn't happen! The guys that we hired to put siding on the high part of the house called us last week. They wanted to jump in and start siding since it was going to be warm out. Well, the garage was needed to put the siding in, so we would have been in each others way. So we put the painting off. The weather has turned cold again, so the next warm weather days I'll try to paint the garage.
In the meantime I thought I'd share a story and show you the siding progress.
Our construction area has turned into a mud bog since the snow melted.

We laid down all of this scrap wood to walk on.

Last Friday, the guys needed some siding materials and Dave was working. So my friend, Marcia, and I went to Chrysler and got Dave's truck out of the parking lot. Then went to the building supply store and picked up the siding materials, and proceeded to the house.


What a mess....
Lucky for us I've lived in Indiana all my life. I learned at an early age how to rock an roll a vehicle to get it unstuck in the snow. Mud is about the same theory. Problem is, I flung mud all over the truck, all over the siding, all over everything!

The guys that were siding had a hard time too. Their ladders sunk in the mud, they sunk in the mud, there is mud throughout my house.

But look how nice the siding looks...

I know a lot of people are wondering/asking why we went with white and why vinyl.
1) White is classic and traditional.
2) You can add color in other areas. Remember the one area on the other end of the house that is sided with T1-11. It can be painted any color I want. I can also add some shutters and stuff in colors. But in the house I live in now, the roof is dark green and we have dark green shutters. I loved the dark green color. Now I'm tired of it, but can't change it.
3) Vinyl is maintenance free. I want a low maintenance house. We are 52 and want to enjoy this place as much as possible. That's why....

So many decision to be made. We decided to flute the add a little character...

But not the corners of the fireplace box. You don't really want it to stand out.

The front. I couldn't take a picture of the entire front because of the mud.

The front edge - fluted corner.
That's it for now. It rained all night so I doubt I have updates for awhile.


  1. White and vinyl is a good choice. If we were to reside our house I would do the same! It's easier and cheaper to change trim colors and everything matches white!

  2. I would have freaked about gettin stuck in the mudd, lol. The siding really does look great and I love the white, cause your right then you can add color where ever you want and it will look great :)

  3. I love the white vinyl, but more than that I love the fluted trim. Classic!
    I think it is neat that you are making the house look like an older house that was added on to over the years. How cool!
    Yuck to the mud, though.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. We'll have to keep track of each other's "projects"!

  4. Hi Vintage Farmhouse - Thanks. You are exactly right!

    Jennifer - I thought about freaking out, then just pretended I was stuck in the snow. It worked. Except when you are stuck in the snow,it doesn't fling like the mud does. That mud was EVERYWHERE!

    Dreaming - YOU are SO perceptive! That is exactly what we have been trying to do. The East (right) end of the house with the balconies are supposed to be the first part of the house. Then we "added on" the middle section. Then "the other end" section. You are the first person to say anything, but that is exactly what we told the architect we wanted to do. I'm impressed!

    Cindy Bee

  5. Old homes have always fascinated me. I love driving by them and wondering what part came first, second and so forth. I fantasize about buying some of the homes I see and then how I would fix them or add on to them. We used to rent a house in the NE for skiing. It had a 'summer' house and a 'winter' house - all attached. It also had one of those fabulous 'mud rooms' as a back entry, which was added at some point in time.
    Glad you got out of the mud. I got stuck in the snow a few weeks ago - so I can identify with that, but as you mentioned to Jennifer, the mud slinging all around must not have been much fun!

  6. It looks great. Mud oh well it will dry up sometime. B