Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pole Barn - Part I

 I's been awhile....well....let's just say I got an attitude!
About this pole barn.
 And the amount of time it is taking to get 'er done!  Jeeeeeeesh.......
It took us months to figure out where we were going to put it.  Even after the grass was killed for the NEXT to the LAST location.  I gently talked to my Shug about changing the location one more time!  But it's a perfect location and it looks great.....and the pole barn is almost finished now, and my 'tude is I'll show you what's been goin' on.....SINCE MID-JULY!
 My favorite pole barn picture thus far!
 (rawwwwwrrrrrrrrr-is it hot in here?)
 A friend of mine said she would totally watch a reality show where people are building their own home!
 I told her that would be a GREAT IDEA!  Then she said, "it's not too late." Insinuating that we have plenty left to do, which is true, to which I said, "now you just pissed me off all over again!"  She laughed.

So, as you can see, we hired a pole barn to be built. 

Not so fast there Bobbaluey!  (I used to say that as a kid. I have no idea if everyone says that or if it's a neighborhood thing.)

"Hiring a pole barn to be built" has a different meaning to a girl than it does to a boy. 
When a boy says we are going to "hire it done." He means we are hiring anything done that he cannot do himself.  Of course, this is not said aloud. Most things are not said aloud with boys.  They think it's common knowledge.

When a girl says, "only if we hire it done" she means the whole shit-n-caboodle!  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!  Enough said....Everything MEANS E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!  Like No means NO! 

Alright, back to the pole barn.
So, it's a fact of life, that some people will cut corners when doing a job.  example: the cement floor in our garage does not have plastic below it.  Hence, on humid days it can get a bit slick.

So, Dave laid down plastic sheeting before "hiring" the concrete to be done.

 Then we waited....for two weeks....just to get a concrete person out here to give us an estimate.  Concrete must be a good business to be in right now.

  I know there aren't any doors, "he can put those on himself."
 This's mine.  I requested a bay.
 I have no idea what I'll do with it yet but I want it.
 I want it walled off too. 
 When/if I get a potting shed, I may relinquish the bay.  
But for now, I want it.  
Why the hell not?
 Our neighbor said, "why are you getting a red pole barn, everyone else around here has earth tones."  
"Because I like red...that's why."
Said I...a girl....saying it like a guy!



  1. I'm following along and finding it all very interesting. I know what you mean about doing it all themselves. Arrrrrgh! I hate it.

  2. enjoy the story and egads that is a big red barn! YES you need;want;and deserve a bay in that barn!1 WE girls always deserve part of a building and walled off:::YOU go girl
    Need to get out there again:::life some days are toooo busy
    your cousin:::gc

  3. Love the barn ... and the red is perfect! Hope you have fun figuring out what to do with your bay!!