Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Bay

 One time Dad told me he was going to come and live with us, then my Sister, then my Brother.  And during the time he lived with us, he was going to clean out our garages!
Well, I gave him the chance!
When we lived in town, I had the cutest potting shed and greenhouse.  Well, when we emptied it, we dumped it all in the garage.  And now that the pole barn is finished, and I have a bay, I'm filling it up with my gardening stuff.
The first trip from the garage to the pole barn, Dad sat on the tailgate.
He then told Mom to sit with him and she'd feel like a kid again.  It must have worked because they sat on the tailgate for every trip!
While I drove and tried to keep an eye on them!

This was all the stuff from my potting shed that we dumped in the garage.
 We cleaned it all out except for this pile of blankets on the floor that I need to wash...
and a few things on the table that Dave needs for house building.

Dave built me some more shelves today!

I can't wait to finish it and show you the inside.  I feel like I have way too many irons in the fire right now.
I've been cleaning out my craft room so I can find stuff in it this winter
I've been cleaning out the garage and moving stuff to the pole barn
I've cleaned out a big cupboard and put shelving in it's place for my clothes (in a back room in the house)
and I've been working on the camper.....
too much going on.
But I am going to be organized by golly!


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