Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pole Barn Part II

I need to back up for a tiny bit.....BEFORE we even got the pole barn, we had to clear the spot where it was going to go.  As I told you, we changed our mind several times, but when we finally figured it out, it felt right. Clearing the spot was quite a feat.
It had to be dug out so many inches, then gravel had to be delivered, then it had to be leveled, and we can do that ourselves.

 And on the morning that they came to build the pole barn, it was VERY foggy out.  We've had quite a few foggy days.  I've heard that's an indication as to how much snow we are going to have.  Bummer.
After the outside was up, we had to get bids for the floor to be done.  The same company that puts up the poles and walls, do not do the floor.  After getting bids for cement, and picking a company to do the work, the cement trucks started rolling!

 That's our neighbor.  Dave asked him to keep an eye on things while he is at work.

 Oh my gosh...look how close that truck is to our new barn!


There were three trucks in all,

 and it took the guys two days to finish the cement part of the job.

I'm still trying to figure out why we paid them for sealing the floor!
 This is the job they did.

Oh well......I'm just going to take pictures of butterflies......
pretty little butterflies.....
 posing for the camera.....

playing in the mud......
mud that is all around the pole barn......
because this is what construction does to a yard. 

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