Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Grand Banquet Hall - drywall

So, the Grand Banquet Hall is finished....for now....We went from this mess....
to wiring....insulating....see the little white line below the windows.....that's where the OSB meets...we caulked that to help with air leakage.  I actually did that part.  It's kind of like icing a cake, only bigger!  We did it on the ceiling too, as you can see.  Remember when I was insulating the attic a post or two back?  That's above this room.  This room has several windows and a door that leads to the outside.  The house is on a hill, and it's windy quite often on this hill.  So, sealing the room off from the elements is a primary concern.  I sound all official like, don't I? 

We put the drywall up, just to get a feel for the room.  We did not finish it as we plan on hiring it done.
 Now I thought I'd show you what Dave found on the side of the road in the trash, while he was driving home from a foot Dr. appt!
It's VERY heavy.  Probably original to the house it came out of.  We're pretty sure it's brass.  And it is beautiful!  We wanted a chandelier in the foyer!  Remember Dave is an electrician so he can rewire it.  It's just hanging there temporarily because we wanted to see how it would look.  I can't believe it's the perfect size for this area.

And we actually have some of those dangly crystal things around here that I bought at a garage sale a few years ago. 
It will be perfect!



  1. Great find and I LOVE those windows. Deb

  2. Love the chandelier. It certainly shows how one man's junk is another's treasure!

  3. Great score! Now, as it's the Grand Banquet Hall, I'm expecting to see things like tapestries, etc... hanging on the walls!