Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Big Honkin' Kitchen Post!

Total Kitchen Post!
In the last few months we have been working, off and on, on the kitchen upstairs.  I was very excited for this, because right now I have a one by two foot piece of counter space.  The top of my coffee pot and the top of my stove also double as counter space.  And I love to bake.  So this is an important room for me.
Our house sits on a hill....hence....The House on Hilltop Farm.  We have tried to make sure the house is tightly sealed since it is on a hill, and it seems to be windy a lot up on that hill.

Here, I am sealing all of the joints in the OSB.  I did the same thing in our living area, aka, Great Banquet Hall.
We also insulated all of the walls in the kitchen
I think this will be my Halloween outfit this year!  You HAVE to wear this when insulating, no matter how hot it is.  And don't bother with make-up because it will just rub off on the mask, if you don't sweat it off.  It's an ugly job...but someone's gotta do it!
 We put OSB on the kitchen ceiling
And we insulated the attic above the kitchen. 
 Which is nerve-wracking for me, because you have to walk these planks to get to the attic kitchen area!

In the end, we put insulation (R value 25) one way, then rolled it the other way.  Which makes an R value of 50.  Hopefully the kitchen will be toasty in the winter and cool in the summer.
 As you can see I'm going to have a lot of lights in the kitchen.  One thing we realized by living here, is the kitchen is dark.  On the outside of the South side of the kitchen is a porch, and the other window is on the North side.  So, not much natural light comes into the kitchen.
The good thing is the south row of lights are on a separate switch than the north row of lights.  And the two lights in the middle are not lights at all.  They are ceiling fans.  We use these faux' lights to  make sure the electrical is done correctly, kind of a test, before we close it all up.  Much easier to correct mistakes before the walls are up!
 Here's the thing about building. 
You have to think are you going to are you going to do the walls....what lights you are going to turn on when you walk into the room.....just about anything from the beginning to the end.  I know I've said this before, but it is just mind boggling to me.  This window below looks out over the patio, and the kitchen sink is going under it.  I decided that we would put "mdf" on the walls.  It's a plastic-type bead-board looking material.  It needs support.  Hence, the osb on this wall.  Support for the mdf.   We also have to think where the fridge, stove, cabinets, what the cabinet height, sink height, etc. is going to be so all of the wiring can be finished before the walls go up. 

The wiring includes all of the outlets, which also need to be thought out.  Where will the microwave go, the coffee pot, crock pot, etc.  Will I have appliances in the pantries like I do now.  Sometimes I think we spend as much time thinking things through as we do, doing the actual work.  The wiring is in the attic.  And the wiring was actually finished before we closed the kitchen ceiling up with osb.

 We spent a huge amount of time discussing pantries.  I even had some friends help me out.  In the beginning, on the left of this window (that is on the north side of the house) we were going to put a wood stove.

 Which would make the right side of the window the only area for a pantry.  I did not want a walk in pantry because it was too big.  It felt like a room inside a room.  So, I opted out of the wood stove, we made two pantries on either side of the window, we lowered the ceiling and turned this area into a cozy little breakfast nook.
 It's been hard to get a picture of the whole wall, and the lighting through the window messes with my camera.  You get the idea though from these two pictures.
So that's the kitchen!
  Last week My Shug hurt his foot, again.  He is in another cast.  It's a very thin cast and he, fortunately, did not hurt his Achilles tendon.  He did, however, hurt the same foot he had surgery on.  So, I decided to bring dinner upstairs last week, to save him some steps.  We had a nice little dinner in our cozy little breakfast nook.  I can not wait to move upstairs.  Have I ever said that before?????



  1. oh how cute, I love that nook! Although the porch does take out some light, you have a porch right out from the kitchen! How lovely to sit there and wait for something in the oven with something chilled in your hand. I just about never get the electricals right, changing use of a room and then it does not match anymore, good thing there are extensions! Here it is dark most of the year, so a window is just a black painting =) Our kitchen is north facing, in the winter it is the lightest room since the white walls and recessed lights make an illusion of daylight!

  2. You will be snug as bugs in a rug, thanks to all of your hard work. Wow! Impressive!

  3. Wow what a lot of work! I spy Coral Belle through your breakfast nook window!