Sunday, July 3, 2011

We have water!

A week ago Monday, we received a phone call early in the morning, on our first day of vacation. The drilling company would like to change our scheduled drilling time to dig a well. They wanted to start that morning.

This is what I saw by the time I got there.

They were already set up and digging a hole.

I don't know what all this stuff is...

but they worked together very well. They hardly had to talk to each other, they each just knew what needed to be done and did it.

I see why we couldn't have the well installed below any trees.

After digging 120 - 140 feet....

they started installing these pvc pipes. He's cleaning the ends so the glue will adhere.

They actually hit water at around 75 feet, but our contract said they had to hit limestone, not gravel. A neighbor's well was at 75 feet and he's having problems now.

They put the pipe in the hole,

one by one,

gluing them together. Seems simple really.

Sure looks different than the old days where they had a brick well and a bucket on a rope!

They came back the next day to install the pump and waterline that goes into the house.

The inside work isn't near as interesting as the outside.

This guy is pulling in the water line, but Dave did all of the inside electrical and worked with them the second day. Other wise we would have had to hire an electrician too.

And after they left, he enclosed this wire inside another pvc pipe so it wouldn't be hanging there. It looks a lot nicer. I forgot to get a picture of it.

So when I got there last Tuesday, they had started tearing up the yard, trenching in the water line.

It was a bit unnerving for us, with them being this close to our foundation and digging with machinery.

This pump is connected to the unit inside the house.

Note to self...

Do NOT park on back of property when trenching is going on

if you plan on leaving anytime soon.

We had them connect to an area in our yard where we plan on having a garden.

and it works!!! We have water!

bye bye

big trucks.

Now we have another mess to contend with...




  1. But it's coming together! And water is definitely a wonderful addition... ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. Oh my... how cool is that!
    I'm so glad that you posted all of the pictures. Many years ago we had a well dug in NC - we weren't there to see the process, so I'm glad I could see it at your place!