Monday, July 11, 2011

Gas line and other stuff

Ok - so I'm a bit behind in blogging on the house project. Why? Because I've been working on the house project. Blogging had to be put on the back burner....but today we are taking a basement break and I thought I'd show you where we're at.

Dave has finished the heat duct work in the basement. Now remember, this is not to heat the basement...we're going to have electric baseboard heat in the basement since we won't always be in it. This duct work is for the rooms above the basement.

So now when we move to the rooms above the basement, we won't have to put in duct work.

I sealed the duct work with this gray goopy stuff.

Dave finished the wiring, duct work and gas line in the fireplace (above the basement)

and got it sealed off. This helps keep humidity and birds out of the basement!

He also built a bulkhead to hide the duct work in the basement and I've been applying the drywall mud in the appropriate areas, trying to skim it on and not glob it on.

And I've been putting insulation in the ceiling. After taking 4 hours to do six ceiling bays, I did not turn down the help when my Pa offered to help me!

With his help, I only have three bays to go, but I'm waiting on Dave to finish running a water pipe. I have to say, the ceiling insulation is very hard work. You have to wrap the duct work first, then put in the insulation over your head. The little glass crystal thingys in the insulation fall all over you, and you have to wear a mask. It's impossible to wear glasses with a mask because they fog up instantly, so you have to either close your eyes or use a lot of solution for them. Plus you have to wear long sleeves and even with long sleeves you itch like crazy. Not to mention there was a heat advisory out. This is just plain old hard work.

The gas pipe is also done inside the

basement ceiling...

and the week we were on vacation,

the gas company showed up and ran the pipe outside.

First you have to locate where it's going to go, and locate where everything else already is, such as electricity, sewage, water, etc. There were flags all over the yard.

Then another big hole was dug...We have actually called in the troops to help with our yard. That's another post.

This is Master Welder Greg, who they called to come and weld the line.

Viola' we have gas!


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  1. Very impressive... Glad it's you and not me! ;)

    Blessings, Debbie