Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two men, some beer, and a backhoe!

The first of July I drove up to this scene....

Our neighbor and my husband were having a discussion over some Coors Light about the mess the yard is in. When I pulled up I told them the party is over!

This needed smoothed out by our garage/drive way. The neighbor has a backhoe and loves using it.

Dave and Winston were taking roots out of the soil after 'backhoe man' smoothed it out. That is the edge of the walkout basement. Dave would throw the roots over the edge, into a burn pile. The only problem is, Winston loves to play retriever so every time Dave would throw it, Winston would run down and bring it back!

Dave wasn't getting very far!

To be continued............


  1. Laughing... at Winston! If only you could teach him to fetch the sticks and PUT them in the pile!

  2. Dreaming ...Winston is a smart dog and we probably could teach him to do that, but it was funnier watching Dave trying to throw the sticks in the pile and Winston retrieve them!