Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Storage room done! Garage painted! WOOHOO!

I've been so busy painting and packing I haven't had time to update the here goes.

The storage/wood shop room is done. Remember the skinny trim that was going to go in the garage? it is, in the storage room. Dave has changed his mind about the garage trim as much as I do with paint colors. I buy all of my paint at Sherwin Williams (SW)I've had experiences with cheaper paint and I always go back to SW. I can get good quality paint, and cover the room once, or buy cheaper paint, and paint it twice. It's happened to me before, so I'm pretty committed to good paint. So, when I try to decide on a color, I don't want to change it because one gallon is $43.00. And OSB takes twice as much paint because it soaks in. I think I used three gallons in the storage room. The good news is SW is having a sale this weekend on paint...40% off. So, I'm making some decisions on color for quite a few areas in the basement.

But back to the storage's done....

Dave went ahead and put the trim up. The reason the outlets are this high off the floor is because that is wood shop table height.

And there is no ceiling up because this room is right below the kitchen upstairs. We have a lot of plumbing to do for the kitchen that will come in below the ceiling.

He put an electric baseboard heater in this room, just in case we need it for storage items, and in case he needs it for working in here later on.

We will have gas heat. And someday we'd like to put in one of those outdoor wood burner furnaces. But in the basement we are just putting in electric baseboard heat. We are doing that because there are many rooms that will not need to be heated unless we happen to be in them for some reason. And we don't want to heat the entire basement when we aren't in it.

Now to the garage. Last weekend Dave hung a couple of light fixtures. He got a skid of these fixtures at a school auction a few years ago and rewired them. They were originally gymnasium lighting. He's putting them in the garage.

He put a couple of them up on the painted side of the garage just to see what they look like.

And last weekend I trimmed all of the walls in the garage, so this week when I went to paint the ceiling, and Pa came to push me around on the scaffolding, he could roll the walls.

Lots of trimming.

And everything went as planned.

I painted the ceiling, while Pa painted the walls and pushed me around.

No more heart...

But not to worry...I left Dave a little message above the garage doors.

It's on a piece of wood trim above the garage doors under a rod that is part of the door opener attachment.

We got it done. It took six days of painting and two days of trimming.

Here's how happy I am! Take your right arm and hold it above your look up....and hold that position for three to four hours. Take a day off to give your muscles a break, then get back in that position, after you climb up the scaffolding of course! I'm HAPPY it's done!!!

Look how pretty.

Every artist signs their work right?

Of course it'll be covered up with trim, but we still leave a lot of notes.

Wonder what he's thinking about? Sad that he's done painting...what could he write on this window sill.....

wishin' he were fishin'!!!!!

I'll tell you what I'm thinking. WOOHOO this garage is painted!!!

Margarita time!!!!

Cindy Bee


  1. I really like those lights. It's amazing the difference between last time you posted and this posting! Great job!

  2. A big WhoooHOOO is in place:::and it looks great enough to live in the garage!!!
    I for one understand putting plugs up high. I wish I put more of them up higher in the house:::so hard to get behind something (like a couch) to use the plug::remember you can never have enough plug ins around the house!!!
    looking good

  3. I am laughing at the 'hold your arm above your head' comment. I TOTALLY understand! The garage looks wonderful. My hubby would be jealous of the lights. We have some wimpy lightbulbs in our garage and can hardly see a thing.
    I also like your signing things. I've done that in a few places in our current project house and in the house we lived in back in SC. I always wonder what someone will think if they ever deconstruct any part of the house and come across my notes! My Dad had a sailboat that different builders signed in funny, hidden locations. He liked that.

  4. I loove the fact your dad came to help, YAY DAD!

    And I bet you are in great shape - scaffold work makes those legs brace themselves (isometrics!!) like nobody's business lol