Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trim and hauling

The only thing we've been doing lately is hauling stuff to the new house from the old house. It'll take me a long time to get it all moved.....and putting up trim in the garage.

Whoops sorry about the sideways pic!

And that's all folks....



  1. Oh, this is the fun part- scheming where your items will go!

    And dont be surprized if months later youre still dropping things off at goodwill lol.

    Love the color in your garage :)

  2. You have the prettiest garage!
    We'll be hauling soon...I hope (and in some ways, I don't hope!)

  3. Came by to see "whats new pussycat". Looks like the boxes are stacking up. I have had that silly Tom Jones song in my head today for some reason. Did not even hear it on the radio because I listen to a Christian station on the car radio. Hopefully it will be gone in the morning.