Sunday, April 10, 2011

Paint colors - AAAUUUGGGHHHH

Sherwin Williams is having a paint sale, 40% off, and today is the last day. And quite honestly, I don't know even know if I'm going to go, I'm so confused. I'm tired of thinking about it. Totally, completely, exhaustedly (is that a word?) tired of thinking about paint and color. I used to love green for house colors. All shades of green. Now I like blue and I am VERY tired of green, especially hunter green. This is the color on my front porch right now, where we live, and I like it a lot. And here is a paint chip that is close to that color. Topsail...tradewind...rain... And here's another paint chip close to that color...glimmer....tidewater...watery They have blue and green and gray tints, depending on where you are. Right now, in my dining room, they look more green and gray than blue. But holding them up in my sun porch (above) they look blue. My friend and I went to the house on Friday and picked out some colors for the basement. Which was not the color I picked out at home. I picked a little bit darker in the basement, because, well it just looked better, at that time in the basement. It's called drizzle. At home, in my dining room, I like the colors above it, but in the basement I liked drizzle (do not like the name of it though, as drizzle is not my favorite kind of weather) She has her thumb on the color. And in the basement at our house it looks good. Drizzle and pure white, and I just hope I like it when it's done. Because at home, right now in my dining room, I like Topsail, Tradewind, and Rain...AAUUGGHHHH

And here's the other thing.... When we first designed our house, the areas that have porches were supposed to be T-1-11 and we were going to paint them. See this post and you'll get a better idea of what I'm talking about. So anyway, without consulting me Dave decided to go ahead and side the porches on the East end of the house. The ones with the balcony. He explained his reasoning and it made sense at the time. So the big decision now is do we go ahead as planned in the beginning, and put up t-1-11 on the porch on the west end in front of the kitchen. OR do we just side it too.

My friend and I held up paint strips on the porch too.

Again, the color I picked out at home was not the color I went with when I was at the house. It just makes such a difference when you are in the actual place that the paint is going to be used, and it's hard to tell by holding up a tiny little strip of paper with six different colors on it. That had to be a man's idea...the color strip. Women would have made little paint pods with the actual paint in them that you could really paint a bit and see what it would look like.

That's the pile of T-1-11 waiting to be installed. It can be returned!

So I woke up at 4:00 a.m. on Friday morning and started talking about paint to Dave. He was trying to sleep and asked me to be quiet. I had several questions and rattled them off anyway, but the main one was...can you paint Tyvek?

I went to the store and bought those little quart cans of paint, which are also on sale by the way. And yes, you can paint Tyvek.

I did.

This is what it would look like with siding....and possibly shutters someday.

and this is what it would look like painted.

Greenish color - but not hunter green. It's called Quietude and the shutter color is called Underseas.

And here's the thing....Dave likes the shutter color better than the porch color....and I figure in a few years we'll get tired of I'm thinking for right now....we'll just side it. I know...I'm losing it. We wanted a house with less maintenance, and by siding it, it'll be less maintenance.

I'm exhaustedly tired of thinking about paint.



  1. I love the colors ...what of the sea salt?....was it to gray?

  2. I really like the colors I see! Looks like you have an incredible view!

  3. RJ - Sea salt got booted out when we looked at it where it was going to actually be used. I can't remember why. Probably too gray as you said.

    Auntie - Thanks for commenting on my blog. We do have an incredible view. I plan on sharing it with all of you more often when we get moved out there.

    Cindy Bee

  4. I LOVE that you painted the Tyvek!
    What a beautiful home you have in progress ♥

  5. You are so right about bringing the color home to the actual spot where youre going to use it = lighting is HUGE when it comes to paint...

    Love the idea about siding - you'll appreciate that in years to come! We have brick now, last house was real stucco; we decided that we'd rather spend a summer outside WITHOUT a paint brush in hand lol!

  6. So funny. Your title and first sentence had me chuckling hard, even before my morning coffee! Paint colors are a mystery, aren't they? Thanks for making me laugh, and I hope it all worked out for you!