Monday, December 28, 2015

Master Bathroom TA DAH!

 So lets take a tour of the bathroom...
Mirror above the toilet.  Which was in my potting shed.  And I'm not sure that I really like it in the bathroom, but it's ok for now.  Keep in mind we have not decorated yet, except for a few mirrors and such. 
 I did not get a good picture of the toilet, but it's a nice one.  And it sits high.

 This is the bathroom vanity, which is new. The mirror is old.  I think it looks great together though.  When we added the mirror we thought it gave the vanity a dresser type look.
 The tub is right across from the vanity.
 It's a deep soaker tub with a slanted back.  We had three different types of "wall" around the tub before we decided on a plastic type bead board look.  The shelf is to add candles and ambiance, but I haven't gotten there yet!  The towel bar is has two purposes.  It is a towel bar, but it is also a handicap bar.  We have had instances in our lives where we've needed it, so we just put them up in the shower and tub.  As a matter of fact, all of our showers have handicap bars.
 I showed you the chandelier in a previous post, but here you go again!

 and again!  I love the way it casts shadows.
 Dave ordered the faucet from a company on the internet. Have you ever looked at all of the faucets there are to choose from?  Did you know some come out of the tub, and some come out of the wall?  And on sinks there are close set, and not-close (I forget if they have a specific name)set faucets.  And some faucets have a base, and some don't.  I will tell you this....decisions are about to make me crazy right now!  Have I already mentioned that a time or two?  It's just that there are so many things I have never even thought about before.
I bought the soap dish/tray from a friend who was moving out of state.  I didn't have to think about that!  I just bought it!
 See, our faucet comes out of the wall.  And because this tub has a wider lip area, we had to have a faucet come pretty far out.  If you ever visit and decide to take a bath, do not lean on it when getting in the tub!
 Shower stall, separate from tub.  No big deal, just simple surround shower stall.  I haven't even showered in it yet.  We do have a huge shower head which I'm anxious to try.
 This is the same flooring that we put down in the laundry room.  It's called Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT and I'm thinking of using it in the kitchen too.  It is a rubbery type flooring that holds up very well in water.  Not to be confused with laminate.  And there are two kinds of LVT.  A type that you glue down, and a type that locks together, called floating.  This is floating.
 Here is a picture standing from our bedroom doorway.
 Whoops!  Almost forgot to show you a picture of these victorian looking corner protectors that are a pain in the butt to paint!  But I love how they look.
 And here is a picture of the bathroom standing in the laundry room entryway. 
Teaser......I finished the den tonight and Dave finished the powder room today before going to work.  Next up will be the den!


  1. Woohoo...nearly there!! Where did you get the corner protectors from? We need them here,but modern style.
    Jane x

    1. Hi Jane, we got those corner protectors at Menards. I don't know if you have Menards there but it's a big buikding store. And they have all different kinds. I am anxious to see how the construction is going on your house project.

      Cindy Bee

    2. No Menards here...but I'l be scouring the stores now I've seen yours...I didn't know they made corner protectors!
      Jane x
      PS Chris is trying to subfloor...but it's so 'hilly' that we have to pour new floor (aaaargh).

  2. The bathroom is looking amazing, you guys must be so excited to get to this point! I love the mirror and the candle shelf, in fact it's all great.