Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Little snippets of house stuff

I downloaded these pictures the other day so I'm going to go ahead and post them, however, Dave finished the bathroom today and I ordered kitchen cabinets today so WOOHOO!!!!  We're moving forward now.....
I'll post bathroom pics next....
For now,
This is the light we put above the tub.  It's on a dimmer, so there is relaxation and ambiance when taking a bath!
Light fixtures up!

Primed and painted the bathroom (this was probably two weeks ago)
Also a couple of weeks ago our replacement windows came in and Dave took the time to install them before the bad weather hits.  We've been lucky so far as it has only snowed one time.
The bathroom drain came in.  It actually came in once, but they only sent the top part (screen) so we had to return that and re-order.
See how the angle is on this drain....
it goes into this drain for the shower.
I finally got my kitchen cabinets the way I want them and I ordered them TODAY!
This is the island.
This is the wall with the window (our window does not look like that but it's all they had on Lowe's computer)
The sink in the above picture is not accurate.
My sink came in.

And check out this shower head!  And no we did not order a blue shower.  A couple of people thought we did!  This is a protective covering and it comes this way.
And Dave got part of a closet finished while waiting on drywall to dry.
Like I said, I downloaded these pictures last week and never had the time to get back to them.  I am going to download our bathroom pictures next.  Our plan is to move our bedroom upstairs so we will have more room in the one room we are living in.  It's been three years now (sigh)

Cindy Bee


  1. Great progress ... and I love the fancy light over the bathtub!

    1. Thanks Fiona, I do too! I've seen that in some magazines and thought it was fun.

  2. Loving it, lovely fixtures, so nice to be able to use more of the house!

    1. YesLouise, I can't wait. Once we get our bed out of the room we are living in, we can move some furniture down and I have a movable countertop I'm going to use so I'll have more surface space in the kitchen.