Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cleaning, wiring, venting (no I'm not mad!)

 So....this is where I was extracting honey this year.  My own little section of the garage.
That was FULL of stuff from ourother house....from when we moved.  We can't put it in the area where we are living, and it was in the way in the house now, because we are building.  So in the last couple of months, we have been moving everything out of the garage, and into the pole barn.  And we did get rid of some things.  I showed you in THIS POST that Mom & Dad came over and helped me get started.

Here is our garage now!  Thanks for helping Mom & Dad!
That little pile of stuff on the right hand side is no longer there.  That is stuff that went into my camper.
And now we are back in the house.  Dave has finished the laundry room.  This vent from the dryer to the outside was a bit of artwork to figure out.  The vent goes from the laundry room,
 through the attic,
(Look how he built brackets out of scrap wood to hold the vent in place.  Brilliant. )
in the mudroom, and through the wall to the outside. 
And he built a wall around these vents which I will show you later.
And this is the foyer.  This is the door guests will use when they come into our house.  It actually faces the back yard, but because the driveway goes up and around, it would be awkward for people to walk around the front of the house.  I'll go up in a helicopter or a bi-plane some day and take pictures so you'll know what I'm talking about.  NOT!  You'll just have to visit!
This is standing in the entrance door looking into the grand banquet hall.  Notice....we have electricity.
We now have electricity in the entire main level except the bathroom.   So you can walk from the basement, to the garage, without a flashlight!!!!  YAY!

He has done some more work on the house, but electrical wires start to all look the same after awhile. Our goal is to get the entire main level closed off from the upstairs so that we can keep it a little warmer this winter and continue building.  We have discussed some HUGE changes that just maybe the architect could have suggested from the very beginning....I'll 'splain all of those to you later.



  1. Visit? Okay! lol It's coming right along Cindy. =)

  2. We are on our way. Do you have room for a motorhome to park?!!
    You guys are making so much progress.