Friday, November 21, 2014

Upstairs Bathroom and Breezeway Floor

 This is the floor in the breezeway.  It's just a room off of the garage that joins the garage to the house.  I decided to try to stain it, with cement stain, like I did my garden girl statue.

It looks pretty good compared to a plain cement floor. 

 You can see a lot of the strokes from the cement.  And we think they sealed it.  Cement stain doesn't really work unless it has not been sealed. 

Dave put a door up to the breezeway, which helps seal the house from the garage.
Time out for a little romance...


 So, we were talking about how much the upstairs bathroom complicates things.  He has told me that many times, but I never understood what he meant.  Then he explained.  All of the bathroom plumbing need to connect to each other.  The basement bathroom and main level bathroom are aligned, but the upstairs bathroom is over our bedroom.  So, the plumbing will need to slope enough to, "get a turd to the septic and not get stuck."  I'm pretty sure he was saying that in laymans terms, but I got it.  So I suggested we move the bathroom over to the attic and align it with the other bathrooms.  Which he thought was brilliant....I tried to draw a diagram to help explain.
See where the top left of the diagram says attic...that's where we were going to move the bathroom.  Then it would be directly over the bathroom on the main level.  Then we were going to move the bathroom wall to the room that actually says Bathroom, and make it a bedroom, and make the front bedroom a sitting room.  It all worked theory.

 Here is an old pic of our house....I couldn't find a new one.  So what we are talking about is the right hand side of the upstairs. 
 So we got to work.
 I helped pull wire.....
Dave was on the other side of the wall, on the main level, handing wire up to me and I was pulling it through those "wire boxes" (I don't know the correct term for them) and tightening them down.

Then we carried up the sub floor.  Which was heavy.
And while he did some other work, I screwed down the sub floor.

And we both finished up
Then we brought the tub and toilet into the new bathroom area and guess what....we do not like it!  There goes our theory!

It just doesn't look right and the attic walls slope so it doesn't give us as much room as we would have liked.  So, we are back to the original design and guess what....there is going to be one big closet upstairs!!!



  1. Things never seem to go as planned when tackling a huge task like this, We recently renovated our house and had planned every detail exactly how we wanted it. Unfortunately, not everything goes to plan! I'm sorry to hear that you had the same issue. Just remember, everything works out in the end, even if you do have to compromise a bit!

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing